German Masters - Change

Posted on March 25, 2020

Yesterday the German Masters changed its calendar in the wake of the coronavirus. The round in Molln, which was meant to be at the start of May, now moves to July 25 and 26 and the opening round will (hopefully) be on May 30 and 31 at Moggers in Austria. Even these dates seem more than likely to change, but lets hope the series goes ahead as is below.

ADAC MX Masters Calendar 2020

Round 1: May 30-31; Möggers, Austria 

Round 2: July 11-12 Holzgerlingen, Germany 

Round 3: July 18-19; Tensfeld, Germany (No 85cc) 

Round 4: July 25-26; Mölln, Germany (No 85cc) 

Round 5: August 29-30; Bielstein, Germany (No 125cc) 

Round 6: September 5-6; Furstlich Drehna, Germany 

Round 7: September 12-13; Gaildorf, Germany