Hangtown - Rider Comments

Posted on June 04, 2023

As always we give you the best coverage possible and here are some rider comments from the second round of the AMA Nationals. More comments today and tomorrow, so check back on a regular basis.

Jett Lawrence: It was kind of learn the track again, different bike and different power. It was fun and give and take on being where I could be aggressive. The track was already gone after a few laps of moto one and they tried to fix it, but it was wrecked already and putting water down didn't help. My energy spurts and my mouth got dry pretty quickly and I tried to maintain and ride smart. The track was so brutal [in the second moto]. You had to be patient and couldn’t take too much. I didn’t eat enough between motos and lost energy halfway through and just relied on technique to keep it going. On this track you really had to manage everything because if you took too much it could bite you. It almost got me a couple times so I really had to focus and keep it on two wheels. Onto Colorado. I knew my sprint speed would be good, because my 250 times were close to the 450 times. Another win and Hunter is happy. Get some more time on the 450 and its character. I get to ride another sick track on the 450 and I get to build my career.

Dylan Ferrandis: For sure we did testing this year and it was a big learning experience. We showed up with a new set-up, but I struggled with arm pump all day. We changed the shock and the bike was way better. I am getting close to what I like and want on the bike. I’m very happy because we made that big change from the first moto and the bike was much better, but I still struggled with arm pump all day. The track was very hard and it was difficult to pass. I had to follow the whole [second] moto. I’m a little bit frustrated by this, but I’m still happy to be on the podium and to get the bike more comfortable. One more step in the right direction and we knew it would be difficult. On paper it doesn't look too bad, 18 points behind. I think we have a good pace now and we will make sure this set-up works and then we start to train and not just testing. 

Cooper Webb: I am stoked man, that second moto was great for me. It was difficult to pass and I helped me to latch on and get my outdoor legs again. It was good to be battling again and in the second one I was a distant fourth. I didn't not expect this so early and I feel I have a long way to go. It was a sufferfest [in Moto 2]. I’m so pumped. It’s incredible what seven days can do. Last week I thought I was going to get lapped in the second moto and this week I could see the leader. I definitely learned how to suffer again and that was nice. I’m just stoked.

Hunter Lawrence: First moto was tough, not as good a start. The track was weird, not as deep and that sometimes creates better racing, but I rode a pretty good oopening moto. They put a lot of water down for the second moto and you try and stick to the dry lines. The start was crucial [in Moto 2]. As I said, they put a lot of water down and I didn’t want to be behind anyone for long with that. It was the first hot one of the year, a bit of a wake up call, but happy to get out of here safe and healthy. The track was in all time form today. Trying to manage it and not ask for more than the track was giving.

Justin Cooper: I think the same, it wasn't dug deep enough and we saw high speeds and when you ride a track at a pace and then you are riding faster its tough. Overall, it was one line and pretty high intensity. All in all a good day. [Lawrence] probably was following me a bit, checking out my lines, and seeing where he was better. He was riding good. It’s disappointing to give up the lead like that, but it’s a way better weekend than last and I’ll definitely take two seconds. I feel like I get close but don’t get one of these wins and that’s building up the fire. I want to win, so it’s time to start digging.

Haiden Deegan: I mean, first moto got the holeshot and that is the key to these races. Getting a holeshot gave me confidence and I need to keep building on that. I didn't get a great start and I had to work through the pack. I charged hard and rode my heart out. It’s crazy to think I was riding superminis a year and a half ago and now we’re getting podiums in Pro Motocross. It’s still so crazy. I’m hyped.

Aaron Plessinger: "We had a good first moto, got stuck behind Dylan [Ferrandis] for a while and wasn't able to make the pass, but second moto I was able to get around Cooper, which was good. Then a mistake hit and I lost my clutch lever, so after that, I was just working my way home for the last four laps. I need to stay off the ground and I'll be okay! We'll be back in Colorado."

Tom Vialle: "Same as last weekend with 7-3 results, so I just need to improve the first motos. I was top three in the opening moto, but just lost my rhythm, and then the second moto was much better. We'll go back to Florida, do more training, and then come out and fight for the podium at Thunder Valley."

Maximus Vohland: "Tough day here at Hangtown for my home race. First moto, I had a bad start and broke my shifter on lap three after a collision, which left me in second gear for the moto. Moto two, I had a better start and made some passes, however, I tipped over mid-moto, which put me in 12th for the race and 11th overall. Not what I was after, but I'll be back in Colorado."

RJ Hampshire: “I felt really good on the bike, I just had two terrible starts that kept us off the box. My riding was really good all day, from qualifying through both motos I felt awesome. But you can't do much when you start outside the top 15. It was probably the hardest 5-5 I've ever had in my life. We'll go back home to Florida after this weekend and we'll look forward to getting some better starts in Colorado and being where we should be.”

Jalek Swoll: “I'd say it was a step in the right direction. I wish I could have gotten a good start in the first moto and learned more of that pace, but I had a mid-pack start and got ninth. It's something to build off. In the second moto, I felt pretty good in the beginning. I got a really good start and ran third about half the moto. I had a pretty close call where I went off the track and lost a few positions. After that it was survival. But I hung around fifth for a while and had a tip-over and it put me back to tenth and that's where I finished. It sucks to fall and have a little mishap off the track, but it's good to see some light at the end of the tunnel and some progression. All is well and we'll keep the building blocks going.”

Talon Hawkins: “It was pretty good. There's definitely a lot to work on. I need to be doing more motos and the cardio needs to be a little better, so I'm ready to get back out to the Baker's Factory this week and work on that. There's a lot to work on, but it was a step in the right direction. I did better than last weekend, and that's all I can ask for is to do better every weekend. I'm looking forward to this next weekend out in Colorado with the high elevation. We'll be ready to go.”

Caden Braswell: "Out here at Hangtown, we had a progressive day. We've got some things to look back on, and also some good things to take away. My confidence is growing on the bike and with the team. I'm surrounded by great people and I'm looking forward to the third round in Colorado with a big old fire in my belly."