Herlings vs Gajser - Latvian Battle

Posted on July 31, 2020

There is no doubt about it, from the last few years, two young motocross riders have shown they are the fastest in the World. At the Grand Prix at the Euro-circuit in Holland in March, Jeffrey Herlings and Tim Gajser again showed us why they have seven World motocross championships between them and more than 100 GP victories.

Herlings, known as “The Bullet”, put together a 2-1 performance for the GP victory that day, before the World stopped, and Gajser, went 1-2 for second place. What we have all learnt now, as we head into round three at the MXGP of Latvia, both these multiple champions will be pushing for more than just a GP win, the mental game has just begun. Herlings is confident he has what it takes to take the 2020 MXGP championship.

“I think mentally I am strong and confident,” Herlings said. “And I have peace and silence and being okay to just win and not dominate anymore. Valkenswaard was great, and I am so happy that I could keep my brain relaxed, keep it together and accept second and then when the possibility is to win, we take it. Tim is going to be this strong again and also on hard pack, then we got a battle on our hands and I might have to step up my game. He has been impressive at both locations so far, both have been muddy and different conditions, different to normal conditions. he will be really good. A lot comes from starts, a lot comes from confidence, and with him, that gate pick, to come out that good, it is all confidence and when you don’t have confidence, it wouldn’t work out, so I know he has a lot of confidence. He is good, I have said it to you before, he is a three-time World champion and he will be good. If you ask me today, he is the biggest challenge for the championship, but maybe the others will also come.”

As for Gajser, the HRC factory rider and defending MXGP champion also knows there is nothing between the two and when I spoke with him prior to the season, he laughed off the comments that his rival was the fastest man on the planet.

“I just laugh when I see all these comments,” Gajser said. “What they are writing on the internet. I prefer to not talk and do it on the track. Even on the 450, when he moved to MXGP, he wasn’t 100% and I was, or he was 100%, and I wasn’t 100% in 2017 and 2018 and he was riding amazing and feeling good. We haven’t come together both feeling good and we will see this year. It isn’t just me and Jeffrey, we have Tony with a lot of experience. He struggled with something in the pre-season races, but I know he will be there this season, also Prado coming from MX2, he will be strong. Also, a lot of other guys like Febvre, Seewer, Desalle, Jonass, Jasikonis, so many guys. It will be an interesting season.”

So now, with two race wins each, and nothing it the championship points you just know that the drama will build, and these two legends of the sport will fight again, and again. Who takes out Latvia might get a slight advantage in the war of mental strength, but we all know, this battle is long but over.

Both have multiple wins at Latvia and no doubt the triple GP format is going to sort out a lot of talk and without question, there will be drama.