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Hunter Lawrence interview

Hunter Lawrence interview

May 30

  • Interview

Australian sensation Hunter Lawrence notched a stellar second-overall finish in his outdoors debut aboard a 450 last weekend, thanks to solid 2-3 results. While his younger brother takes all the glory, this former Grand Prix racer and current AMA 250cc Motocross champion might just cause more surprises as the season rolls on.

After struggling somewhat in his AMA 450 supercross rookie season, the more experienced Aussie burst into life when the American series went outdoors and you can just feel his confidence growing.

“Sure, it wasn’t bad. It was a good day,” Lawrence said. “I had that pretty cool gear set (Senna tribute year), so you want to do extra good in that. So, you have more power for A-Stars for some more one-off kit. It was good, but I am not a fan of this place (Fox Raceway), but it’s been good to us and maybe we come back soon.”

The older Lawrence got an incredible jump off the 450 moto one start but wasn’t prepared for the extra speed of the 450 and ran a bit wide, allowing the CRF450RWE of his brother to knife underneath in turn one and exit with the lead. Hunter battled with Aaron Plessinger for half the race until he was able to get back into second just after midway, behind his brother. The pair stayed in that order to the finish.

The second moto started almost identical, except this time Hunter held off Jett across the holeshot line. The younger brother nonetheless got around shortly after, and the brothers battled hard for the first part of the race. Just past the midway point, Sexton got around Hunter and challenged Jett, but the younger Lawrence held strong to the finish. Hunter’s third-place result was good for second overall.

“I mean, its my best and also my first outdoor on the 450 and I am happy, and I know my ability. I train with this guy during the week (pointing as his brother) and for the past how many years. We know what we can do, and we know our limits. We missed the bar a little in the second moto, but that happens. It is up to the rider to make the difference and we can compensate that and not point the finger at the bike, and I think you see that in our results. We always hold ourselves accountable, be it the bike, the track, whatever.”

As he mentdioned, he wore special yellow-and-green gear at Fox Raceway, part of an Alpinestars collaboration with the McLaren Formula 1 team, honouring F1 legend Ayrton Senna. McLaren drivers Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris sported a similar livery on their cars and suits during Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix, where Piastri finished second. Hunter Lawrence was third-fastest in the first 450 MX qualifying sessions of his career.

“Maybe we need to give more insight into what goes into it (the Alpinestars Senna gear), because it starts like months and months in advance and goes through so many channels. Once we get the gear, it is shown to the sponsors and they sign off on it and then it is presented to the Senna family and they sign off on it, because its about their own. They have the final word, but they loved it. I am a huge car fan and motorsport and to have this, from one of the legends of the sport, and to have McLaren wearing the gear in Monaco and the MotoGP guys with it. Being motorsport/car based, its cool. I speak for myself, there is no ego, anyone can recognize a good kit and I am sure social media will have their own opinions, like they do. It is a tip of the cap to celebrate his unfortunate passing in Imola, which was last weekend.”

Team managers Lars Lindstrom is sure that the two brothers will both be top three in 2024 and while the performances of the younger Jett, the way Hunter Lawrence started the season, it seems the confidence Lindstrom has in both brothers is no joke.

“A lot of people were wondering where Hunter would be in the pecking order, but I was sure that he would be a solid third-place guy in his rookie 450 MX season. I just didn’t know exactly how he would stack up to Jett and Chase. He blew us all away, with his incredible starts and speed that showed that he’ll be a top contender in the 450 class!"

The Lawrence brothers head to Hangtown this weekend and you just get the feeling, those two red Honda machines will be on the podium again as the Aussie sensations rush their way through America.

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