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Husqvarna - 2025 85cc

Husqvarna - 2025 85cc

Jul 3

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For 2025, Husqvarna Mobility is pleased to announce a new generation TC 85 to underline its continued development of high-performance, two-stroke minicycles. The competition-focused machine is now built around an all-new chassis that offers significant improvements to handling and stability, while an updated engine boosts bottom to mid-range power.

Further components introduced to improve the on-track experience for all young riders include the new WP shock, swingarm and ergonomic bodywork. Rounding out the changes, new graphics to match the full-size models create a modern and unified look for the class-leading TC 85.

With the previous generation model raced to victory in the 2023 FIM Junior Motocross World Championship, the new TC 85 is built upon proven foundations and beautifully crafted. For 2025, a new frame with refined geometry considerably improves handling and stability. Mirroring the construction of the full-size machines, the new WP XACT shock - which is 16 mm shorter than before to ensure a more balanced chassis - is mounted onto the upper frame tube.

This design creates a more planted feel for the TC 85 and is a huge benefit on rough tracks and big jumps. Additionally, the steering head angle is reduced by a half degree and positioned six mm closer to the centre of the chassis for enhanced cornering, especially when exiting turns.

The 85 cc two-stroke engine benefits from several new components, all introduced to create stronger power in the low to mid-range without sacrificing top-end performance. The updates include a new cylinder head, spark plug, ignition and exhaust, with the settings inside the Keihin carburettor adjusted to suit the improved engine.

Finally, when compared to the outgoing generation, the engine is rotated three degrees upwards at the front, and by pivoting from the same mounting point at the swingarm, the weight is distributed more effectively for improved cornering and jumping.

The swingarm itself is new and 300 grams lighter thanks to a refined casting process. Together, the new frame, WP XACT shock and swingarm combine to reduce the overall height of the TC 85. These changes, introduced alongside new ergonomic bodywork, ensure young riders can move around on the TC 85 much more easily, which inspires confidence and allows them to compete with improved control. In addition, a modernised rider triangle created by the new footrests, handlebars and lower seat further enhances the riding experience, making the new generation model incredibly effortless to ride.

Technical highlights

Revised engine – delivers a significant boost from low to mid-range power

New frame – with revised geometry for improved stability and handling

New swingarm – 300 grams lighter and made using an updated process for optimal rigidity

New WP XACT rear shock with shorter travel – refines balance and stability

New bodywork – scaled down from the full-size machines with ergonomics to suit youth riders

New graphics – replicating the same the design as the full-size models for a modern, unified look

Easily adjustable WP XACT forks – optimal performance and low weight

MAXXIS MAXXCROSS MX-ST tyres – exceptional straight-line stability and excellent traction

Two engine maps – for maximum performance and reliability in all conditions

Formula brakes and Galfer discs – deliver best-in-class stopping power

Miba hydraulic clutch system – consistent action and durability

High-grip seat cover – maximum comfort and control

Black Excel rims and CNC-machined hubs – low unsprung weight and exceptional strength

Premium components – ensures best-in-class performance and durability

To maximise the performance and allow riders to personalise the new TC 85, a concise selection of Technical Accessories has been developed. The range includes high quality, competition-focused components for both the engine and chassis to further enhance the riding experience. Additionally, the Functional Offroad Apparel Collection features a comprehensive range of apparel designed to perform on track. This ensures all youngsters can ride with maximum comfort, safety, style and to the best of their ability at all times.

The 2025 TC 85 is available in two wheel sizes: 17 inch front / 14 inch rear and 19 inch front / 16 inch rear, and will be available from Authorised Husqvarna Mobility Dealers this August. Pricing for both models below.

TC 85 17/14 2025 - £6,399

TC 85 19/16 2025 - £6,399

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