Indian SX Racing League

Posted on November 24, 2022

In an amazing change in the sport in India, the FMSCI (the official federation in India) and promoters Supercross India will begin a Supercross Racing League. Could this eventually become the same type of series as the IPL cricket series, that makes the biggest payments to cricket players around the World?

At the very worst, it opens the doors for more supercross riders to make money on a Worldwide scale and you have to imagine, a World supercross championship round is a very strong possability in the future. Any country developing the sport, is great, but a country with a population of 1,417,173,173 means many eyes on the sport. Similar to the rise of Indonesian motocross and supercross, moving to these mass populations cannot be a bad thing.


Official Account of the Indian Supercross Racing League, World’s First of its kind franchised based Supercross League that is all set to change the game.

● Breaking- India will have its own league for the sport of supercross racing and will open the door to global participation.

● India likely to emerge as a new destination for supercross racing

Pune, November 24: There is exciting news for motorsports, biking enthusiasts and the automobile sector in India.

The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI), the governing body of motorsports in India recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, today announced the approval of Supercross India Private Limited (SXI) to officially launch the world's first supercross racing league. This new league will be known as “Indian Supercross Racing League” (ISRL)”

The MoU was signed by Shri Gautam Shantappa, Vice President FMSCI and Chairman Supercross Racing Commission of FMSCI at a press conference held in Pune. Sujith Kumar handed over to the promoters of the league.

About the sport of Supercross

Supercross (SX) is a motorcycle racing sport involving specialized high performance off-road motorcycles on dirt tracks with obstacles. It also includes some breathtaking adventure demonstrations. The game is hugely popular in the US, Europe and Australia and naturally appeals to a younger demographic. The current estimated market for global motorsports is huge at US$ 5 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% to reach US$ 7.5 billion by 2027 and the sport is witnessing significant investment globally.

Supercross as a sport in India will appeal to a large audience of the young, tech-savvy population. With a young population, rising per capita income and the thrill-inducing nature of adventure sports, the Indian market is ready for a first-of-its-kind thrill game. New and aspiring Indians love the thrill of adventure and the excitement of the sport, there is no doubt that the sport of Supercross will be the perfect blend of both for Indians.

On this occasion, Vice President of Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI), Shri. Gautam Shantappa, said. “ We on behalf of the Federation extend our full support to the SXI team and we strongly believe that they will take this unique sport forward and take it to a new level. As the Vice President, I am confident that SXI and FMSCI will work together as a team and make the league a huge success.”

Mr. Sujith Kumar, President, Supercross/Motocross/Two-Wheeler Racing Commission, Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) said, “I believe the future looks bright with young organizers coming into the sport. I would like to say that it is a great pleasure to see ex-racers re-entering the sport in different roles. We on behalf of the federation extend our full support to the SXI team and we strongly believe that they will take this unique sport forward and take it to a new level.”

Sharing his thoughts on the league, Director of Supercross India, Mr. Ishan Lokhande said, “We are really excited to host the league with the federation and thank them for the trust they have shown in us. We believe that this league will give tremendous growth and popularity to motorsports in India and Supercross in particular. . We are confident that this league will entertain the Indian audience and establish Supercross as an important sport in India. We plan to put India on the supercross map of the world with a vision to give Indian riders a distinct identity on the global supercross platform in the future.”

About Supercross India Private Limited

The founder of Supercross India is a former international level racer, National Champion and organizer of Supercross events for the last 12 years which brings a strong business perspective, technical and operational know-how and racing background. SXI has been established with the sole objective of promoting and developing the sport of Supercos in India.

Mission The main mission of the team is to be a world class supercross sporting league in India with participation of national and international racers. The team has entered into an exclusive agreement with FMSCI for a brand based supercross league in India with competitions to be held in major cities across India.

It is the apex body's support for the Pan-India League. The main objective is to promote the participation of women riders along with international and Indian riders and increase their participation in the near future. The league will look to grow the sport of supercross from grassroots level and strive to make India a leader in motorsports.


Veer Patel - (Vadodara)

• Two time Indian National Supercross Champion, first and youngest racer to win National Supercross Championship in India trained under SX World Champion in USA. Managing Director of Lileria Group, a multi-faceted business conglomerate based in Gujarat with interests in real estate, hospitality and motorsports.

Ishan Lokhande - (Pune)

• India's top SX racer of his time and organizer of Pune Supercross Mr. Ishan Lokhande is the first Indian to participate in an international motocross team race and the inspiration behind the first private racing team to win a national championship in India He has years of experience and global connections in the field of motocross as well as Supercross Over a decade of experience in organizing events.

Ashwin Lokhande – (Pune)

•Cricketers and tennis coaches by profession as well as Supercos India Pvt Ltd are the pillars of the organization. With years of experience and global connections in the field of sports and motocross, he has more than a decade of experience organizing supercross events and is also a certified FIM Asia Race Official.