International Motocross - Today

Posted on June 28, 2020

There is no doubt, motocross is back, starting a couple of weeks ago when some national championships were run, including the Slovenian championship where defending MXGP champion Tim Gajser went 1-DNF, and of course as we have mentioned a handful of GP riders will contest next weekend’s second round of the Czech motocross championship.

Despite the promoters of the first round displaying the entry list for today, a list that had a bunch of GP riders in MXGP on it, we informed you this week that the big races this weekend are in fact in Slovenia and Lithuania.

HRC rider Gajser is again racing today in Slovenia and Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider Arminas Jasikonis is racing in Lithuania, doing his national championship round. Good luck to both these guys as they get to enjoy some home ground crowds and probably victories. How awesome that we have three motocross races running today and all with spectators!!! and its only June!!

Stefan Everts posted in his social media a nice little video of the Czech race, where son Liam is doing the MX2 class. A nice little crowd in attendance and good weather, so that is all good news.

With the MXGP championship expected to start in Latvia on August 16 (with a double GP within a week), and then hopefully heading to Finland, before I really hope Holland (I am even hearing rumours in Holland of four rounds in the Dutch sand), before we go to the MXoN in France and then a bunch of GPs in Turkey, Belgium, and wherever else we end up. I can't wait to see the new calendar next week!

I am not confident we end up in Indonesia, with that country not doing well with the virus and also probably not opening up for International flights until October. Still, lets hope we do get those Indonesian rounds done, because everyone loves them. Argentina is also a question mark with coronavirus problems, although maybe in November it will all be going ahead.

In America the AMA nationals starts in three weeks and that is good news. Starting on July 18 the AMA Nationals will be at Ironman Raceway, then a week later on July 25 Jacksonville, Florida’s WW Motocross Park. Then its August some time with a round at the Loretta Lynn Hurricane Mills complex. Davey Coombs did an interview with us and did mention California was a no go, but how it seems they might get Fox Raceway onto the calendar at least DC hopes for that as he mentioned on his racerhead column this week.

“And speaking of Fox Raceway at Pala,” Coombs said. “I may have misspoken in an interview I did with Geoff Meyer of MX Large last week. On the subject of where we may be racing in 2020, I said, "We still have to navigate each state differently and I can tell you there won’t be a national in California." Hopefully, I spoke too soon and we can still end in Pala, but we're living in a very fluid situation right now that seems to bounce around from maybe to maybe not, then this week bad to worse as COVID-19 cases surge. The State of California is trying to reopen in stages, just as every other state is, and there is still hope that it can happen for the race to take place there. So, there's still a chance for Fox Raceway, but again, it's a very fluid situation. Sorry for the confusion. Keep your fingers crossed (and keep washing those hands! And wear a mask!).”

Anyway, we will try and get results from Slovenian and Lithuania, and also that Czech race this weekend and for the time being, enjoy your Sunday as we move closer and closer to starting up both the AMA Nationals and the MXGP championships.