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Janis Kokorevics interview - Industry

Janis Kokorevics interview - Industry

Mar 14

  • Interview

A new advertiser for MXlarge in 2023 is OMX Graphics, a very impressive company that is growing at an alarming rate. Janis Kokorevics is the business manager of OMX Graphics Ltd and we wanted to get to know him a little better and what better way than introduce him to our readers via an interview. 

MXlarge: Janis, first, can you explain how you first got into motocross?

Kokorevics: When I was just a kid, dad too me along with him to watch racing. That’s how dirt bikes became a part of my childhood and life in general. After all, motorcycles were more than just a hobby but also became my biggest inspiration to launch OMX Graphics. I remember my teen years were basically covered in dirt, as I was less of a party goer and spent all the hours after school in my dad’s garage. The passion grew into my daily job and now I can’t imagine my life without dirt bikes.

MXlarge: What is it that attracted you to the sport?

Kokorevics: At first it was definitely the adrenaline rush and the chance to challenge myself. As I got older, I had less time for the actual racing and more business-related stuff that I had to deal with. Now there’s nothing more I enjoy than being a part of the roaring crowd or supporting friends or colleagues at the paddock. And of course, seeing one of them sporting OMX dirt bike graphics just fills my heart with pure happiness.

MXlarge: Did you have a favourite rider or riders?

Kokorevics: If I name just few and skip someone, one of my friends probably won’t talk to me anymore haha. So now I must say that I just love a good race.

MXlarge: Did you ever race and if you did, how did you go?

Kokorevics: Nope, I have never taken a part of an official race.

MXlarge: What made you decide to start your graphics business?

Kokorevics: OMX Graphics started way back in 2011 when we saw a gap on the market for a premium-quality dirt bike graphics. As we couldn’t find a kit that would tick all the boxes needed - the looks, the quality, the price and customer service - we came to the thought that we should create something like that by ourselves. Our aim was to offer premium quality, unique and affordable graphics that would be available to everyone - and we can gladly see that we made it.

MXlarge: There seems to be hundreds and hundreds of graphic companies. What do you enjoy most about having such high quality graphics?

Kokorevics: What satisfies me the most is the appreciation of our customers. The riders who are familiar with quality provided by OMX, always return and recommend our graphics to their teammates as well. Launching so many bestselling graphic kits only proves that riders all around the world still support and highly value the work done by OMX and the company truly understands what a rider needs. We believe that everyone should sport a champion-worthy appearance even on a daily base. Honestly, I don’t think there’s another option than producing the highest quality dirt bike graphics that I would love to sport myself.

MXlarge: What are the goals for your company in the future?

Kokorevics: We definitely feel like we’re just getting started. In the beginning we were sort of fumbling around. We were trying out and testing different kinds of material to find absolutely the best one suited for racing. We topped off the technology and never stopped developing the huge base of various design options. And look what we have now - top positions on the market, thousands of stoked customers, and a great deal of opportunity to grow. The goal would be to keep our standards just as high as they are and keep conquering the racing world at a steady and continuous pace.

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