Jean Michel Bayle - Coronavirus?

Posted on April 09, 2020

 French legend Jean Michel Bayle has been places in hospital with Coronavirus symptoms. He put a message on his social media.

“Thank you for all your messages," Bayle said. "Photos to wish me my birthday. I couldn’t really take advantage of it because since the beginning of the lockdown I had the light symptoms of Covid19, it got complicated during my birthday with breathing problems, so a little hospital stay to check my health condition. Normally the hardest is over and with rest everything should be in order. You don’t have to wish me “good luck”, “you’re a champion” or “you’re gonna be okay”, I would rather have this message let you understand that no one is safe from this virus, that you owe for your health, out of respect to others and caregivers strictly comply with the current lockdown instructions.”