Jed Beaton interview - MXoN

Posted on July 20, 2021

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider Jed Beaton hadn’t really shown much prior to last weekends Dutch Grand Prix at the Oss circuit in Holland, however what many didn’t know was that the Aussie has a pre-season crash and broke some ribs.

The opening three rounds gave him little time to recover, and it has just been the last couple of weeks that he starts to feel better. With his body showing signs of recovery, his first podium of the year couldn’t come quickly enough.

In his final year in MX2, you can be sure Beaton wants to make the most of his opportunities and remain on that top three spot and climb back up the series points.


In a class that is super competitive, and with a long list of promising talents, you know that the more experienced Australian will want to shine as often as possible.

We caught up with the Husqvarna factory rider soon after his podium finish and chatted about his performance and also the up-coming Monster Energy Motocross of Nations, where he is even willing to race a 450 machine if it helps Team Australia.

MXlarge: Great day for you, can you explain how your races went today?

Beaton: Yes, I feel like today was a really good step in the right direction. Normally I am not so strong in the sand and for it to be a typical Dutch sand track, as you would say, I usually struggle on those conditions. The first start wasn’t very good, and I think I went from about 12th to second. I had a really good feeling with the track, and I could see I was catching Jago a little bit at the end there. He had too big a gap and it was a little too late. I had spent enough energy at the start to get into second place, I also thought about the second moto and had I tried to charge to Jago I might have been done for the second race. It was 25 degrees, but the humidity is right up there today. I went back, tried to rehydrate the best I could for the second moto. By the first four laps I felt I had given too much in the first one and I made a hard push and I got to third pretty quickly. I tried to follow Jago and Kay, but by that point I was already a little bit hot, and I couldn’t do much about it.

MXlarge: Did you settle?

Beaton: Yes, I did, and I settled a little too much, because I saw that Maxime (Renaux) started catching me a little bit. I then got a second wind and charged a little bit and that broke his charge on me a little bit and that made it a little bit easier for me. I am happy to be back on the podium again, because it has been a while since I was there. I like hard pack, but it was refreshing to know all the work I had done in the last five years and all the riding in the sand has paid off.


MXlarge: As you said, the beginning of the year you didn’t start great. Why was there, because there was a lot of pressure and a lot of people saw you as a contender for the championship. Was that playing on your mind?

Beaton: Not many people know, but when I raced the pre-season in Sweden, I had a start crash and I got ran over. I broke some ribs in my back and I had to have some time off. I had one week before Russia to get ready, went and raced Russia with the ribs still broken, so it has been tough. I also had a really big one (crash) in Matterley, in the first moto. I was riding in fourth place, and I felt like I was riding good, but there was a lot of water down and I got off. It was sort of re-set again. I am literally trying to forget about that and just focusing on the rounds ahead. I try not to think about the past, because I can’t change those results, so I just focus on the rest of the season. I think I can be strong and score some good points from now on.

MXLarge: How are you physically now?

Beaton: Now it is much better. Obviously with the ribs I took time off the bike, but physically I feel good, I didn’t have to stop training or anything like that. I could cycle and everything, even the day after it happened, I went cycling, just to test it out a little bit. It was a little bit painful, but I wanted to see where I was at. Physically I feel good and the last two weeks being on the bike has been important, because we flew to Russia, then straight to Matterley from Russia and then Maggiora straight away and I didn’t get much riding time during those races, so the last two weeks has been really good for me.

MXlarge: When you mention that, then this performance is a lot better than it looks?

Beaton: For sure, I felt like today it was a really good day, and I would have been easier if I pulled some good starts, but it is what it is. I feel with all the circumstances I gave 100% every lap. Sometimes, like in Maggiora I had to slow up, because I was in so much pain, but I still tried to give 100%. It has paid off and I made the podium.


MXlarge: Obviously it is that time of year we start to talk about the Motocross of Nations. Now Australia everyone is talking about the Lawrence brothers on 450s and you on the MX2 bike. You guys could even win it with some luck. What are your thoughts?

Beaton: I think it would be really a great opportunity. I was reading somewhere they will make it championship points. I don’t really know the situation and how they are going to do it, but I think if they don’t make it championship points, it will be hard for teams to let riders do the Nations. I think it would be cool to have those boys over and obviously if they do put points in, I would have to stay on the 250 and them boys would ride the 450’s. I would be up for riding a 450, because Jett is very good on the 250.

MXlarge: You would ride a 450 in the middle of your MX2 championship, with rounds a week before the MXoN and a week after?

Beaton: Well, it depends, it is usually up to the teams. It is usually up to the teams; I mean I would be happy to ride a 450. We will see how it goes and how the plans go. I read the other day those boys would ride the 450 is I have to ride for MX2 points.

MXLarge: It is amazing how long you have been here, and you are yet to race for Australia and the Nations.

Beaton: Yes, I have been here five years now and I was selected a couple of times, the first in Maggiora in 2016, but I was injured and then they wanted me to race Assen and I was injured, and I missed Assen. I missed them due to injury and I would have been down for it last year, but we missed it due to Covid.


MXlarge: Tell me, I got a form, not sure why I got it, but it was a form that Australian riders had to fill in to let the MA know they wanted to race the MXoN. I was a bit surprised and thought this doesn’t seem the correct way to select an MXoN team. I thought just select the three best riders and a couple of reserves if something happens. Did you get the form and fill it in?

Beaton: I didn’t get it, but I don’t do that stuff, my brother does all that for me. If I say I need to be selected, he fills the form out and sends it in. I don’t know, I think they should just select the best team possible, and it is a bit silly, because obviously everyone is interested in doing the Nations. If you are not, it is ridiculous. In the end we have other guys who are good, then it is possible to send them. I don’t understand the form thing, but I guess it is just to see who is interested.

MXLarge: But you have heard from Burner (Michael Byrne team manager)?

Beaton: No (with a big smile on his face and looking like he wasn’t telling the truth).

MXlarge: Oh, so you have!!! (laughing)

J.P. Acevedo photos