Jett Lawrence Interview - Winner

Posted on July 26, 2022

We talk about it every week and slowly a lot of his doubters start to believe. Jett Lawrence just keeps winning and adding to his already impressive list of AMA accomplishments. Soon to be a two-time AMA 250 motocross champion and adding that to his regional AMA supercross success.

This young Aussie is everything the sport needs in a time when the World seems a little lost. With his boyish charm and his clinical racing style, there seems no doubt he will add a bunch of AMA title to his resume and become at least, the greatest non-American rider to race in USA.

Lining up at the 2022 Monster Energy Motocross of Nations against the best in the World, you just know something interesting might happen. He sat down with the media and talked about his Washougal victory.

MXLarge: You got the overall, how did it feel?

Lawrence: Going 2-2 kind of sucks to win the overall, it is a bit like a luck thing to go 2-2 and I was relying on where Hunter finished, and I was watching him. I would have definitely liked to have gotten at least one race win, it feels like you earnt it more, but we will take it.

MXlarge: You said it was one lined, was there anywhere you could have made a pass and make something happen?

Lawrence: Because this track has so much ground speed, a slight mistake or burying the bike, you lose so much more than any other track. We took a different line, and it was slower, and you end up going back to the main line. It was so hard to take a different line and pass somebody. It was difficult and trying to work the outside and carry momentum. It is such a high-speed track.

MXLarge: How would you sum up the day?

Lawrence: It was a weird day—different; I went second all day, but still got the overall win. I’m lucky I got it, and I would’ve liked to have gotten at least one moto win, but we’ll take it. The biggest thing here is always the shadows—I think I’ll come up here in the off-season and burn the trees! The second moto, I felt good, but I pushed and had a few sketchy moments in the shadow spots. I thought, ‘You know what, I already know I have an overall win unless Hunter passes Jo; I’m just going to stick with this and play it safe.’ The main thing is I just wanted to go back home safe. Now we get a bit of a break, and then we go to some tracks I really like, like Unadilla and Budds Creek. Hopefully we can keep that win streak going.

MXlarge: Were you out of gas chasing Justin (Cooper), or was the risk or reward not worth it?

Lawrence: I tried to get a sprint in, but I had a few close moments in the shadow spots, where you couldn’t really see, so I thought to myself, I rather go 2-2 than injury myself, for sure here, because you can’t see any of the bumps or edges. You catch one of those and its hard pack and pretty grippy, so it will catch you off guard and bite. Better to bring it home safe and not leave here in an ambulance.

MXlarge: You and your brother battle on the track and I have an older brother and we get on most of the time, but there were times we threw hands on each other, as younger kids did it ever come down to blows?

Lawrence: Not really, we are old enough to know this is our job and whatever is on the track, it stays on the track, and we don’t really bring it off the track. We haven’t gone that dirty with each other yet. Sure, we have taken lines off each other, but we have never really tried to take each other out. We get frustrated when the brothers wins, but we are mature enough to where this is our job, and it doesn’t affect our regular job. At the end of the day, we are still brothers, and we are not going to let some sport wreck that.

MXLarge: Did you guys talk about how the track was?

Lawrence: We go back and kind of talk about sections that suck, or sketchy moments. We just talk normal, nothing crazy.