Jorge Prado interview - Home GP

Posted on October 13, 2021

Red Bull KTM Factory rider Jorge Prado is without question the future of the MXGP class. With a technique that is just beautiful to watch, the young Spaniard is learning fast and while he has had some hairy moments with the likes of Antonio Cairoli, Jeffrey Herlings and Tim Gajser, he is learning from a generation of racers as good as anyone we have seen in the sport.

In such a great school of the sport, Prado continues to improve and grow as a racer and whether it is 2022, 2023 or 2024, you can expect him to start picking up World MXGP championship and GP victories and many.

Juan Pablo Acevedo of was kind enough to send us this cool interview with the two-time MX2 World champion and multiple GP winner. Prado talks about his season so far, his accident with Jeffrey Herlings and a lot more.


MXlarge: How is the pressure of racing to win a Grand Prix at home in Spain?

Prado: Yes, of course, the pressure of having to win and that always affects your nerves, but I think they are good nerves. It is going to be a historic day and for any driver to win in his country is the best, it is the perfect occasion.

MXlarge: You liked the track a lot last year, how is it?

Prado: It is true that last year I adapted very well, and it was a perfect day, perhaps that is why it can be said that the circuit is going well for me. It is a not very fast track, but very technical, with many ruts, different track options and very big jumps. The terrain is very good for this sport, it is a very special track where you have to be calm to be able to ride fast.

MXlarge: And who are you betting on?

Prado: I always bet on myself, otherwise I wouldn't get up to go to train every day."

MXlarge: Those who have been able to witness any of the races contested this year will have proof that it is one of the most even and exciting world championships in history, with five world champions dividing the races and fighting beyond physical limits?

Prado: I am happy for living this experience fighting one-to-one against all these champions and it is a pride to compete against pilots with such a record as Toni Cairoli, all of them being one hundred percent.

MXlarge: As often happens, injuries mark the future of the championship, how has it affected you?

Prado: The championships are won by being constant, without failures or injuries. You have to be on the podium almost always and win sleeves. I started a bit irregular because I had not recovered from the Covid, I lacked spark and I could not counterattack at the end of the sleeves. I have been medicated and I am better, although I do not know if I have fully recovered. In Sardinia I already felt much better and in Germany too and I was able to win the first heat, but then.


MXlarge: Then came the unfortunate accident in the finish line jump with Herlings, which Jorge has already explained several times.

Prado: After one last even lap, I entered the finish line winner and I got carried away in the jump. The outer rut pulled me onto the track, it was a failure because I relaxed as I didn't think Jeffrey was going to enter the jump so hard and when I saw him, I couldn't do anything. " A cluster of circumstances that triggered the spectacular accident and of which Jorge was the main injured party. 

MXlarge: Despite this, there is respect among the greatest rivals.

Prado: Motocross is an individual sport of one-on-one fight, somewhat aggressive and that is why sometimes there is contact and complicated situations, but although we have the logical tension between rivals it is with correctness and respect.

MXlarge: Some rivals who are older than Prado and with better physical conditions.

Prado: We are different, they are very tough people who have more strength and are capable of overcoming adverse situations like Gajser without goggles in Maggiora; I feel better when I have everything under control and I can ride comfortable, clean and with head.

MXlarge: And when talking about your rivals, those four riders you will meet again on Sunday in Madrid, can you describe them for us?

Prado: Jeffrey has a high level. He needs to ride a lot on the circuit, and he is gaining more confidence and going faster, which is why his final laps are always good. Gajser is also fast, he fights a lot, but he misses something else. Cairoli also very good at managing to finish of a race, he starts slow and increases pace because he is a very strong athlete. Febvre fails more times, but he has improved a lot this year.

MXlarge: And Jorge Prado, how do you see yourself facing the final stretch of the season?

Prado: It was a shame to lose so many points in these two races, but now good tracks are coming for me. I'm riding hard on tough terrain and I'm going to try to make a difference.

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