Jorge Prado interview - Winner

Posted on August 06, 2019

It isn’t difficult to see that MX2 champion Jorge Prado is a rider who is improving fast. Not only his speed, but also his race craft. Obviously working a lot with possibly the greatest race tactician of all time, Antonio Cairoli is rubbing off on the young Spaniard, and just speaking to Prado you get the idea that he is becoming a very level-headed and calculating young man.

Watching him race around a very rough Lommel circuit last weekend it was mind blowing just how smooth he looked. In fact, he was without question the smoothest rider on the track, from both MXGP and MX2. Probably only Roan Van De Moosdijk in the EMX250 class looked similar.

I have to admit, while I am a massive Jeffrey Herlings fan, and when you think about a young Herlings, or a young Ken Roczen, you think about riders who only come along once in a lifetime, and when Prado started making inroads into the MX2 class, I didn’t think he was of the same cloth as Herlings and Roczen. I didn’t think his potential was similar, but this year, he has looked very, very good and his mind seems so calm, you get the idea that a 21, 22 or 23-year-old Jorge Prado is going to be something very special.


For now, though, let’s just enjoy the 18-year-old version, and watch as he closes in on his second MX2 championship and stunningly, his 30th GP win (he already has 28). Once that job is done, then it is onto MXGP and the 450cc machine.

We caught up with Prado soon after his Lommel victory and asked him about his weekend and also some other stuff.

MXlarge: How was it winning here, because you had those tough warm ones in Indonesia, but Lommel seems like a bottomless pit of hell. Which is more difficult?

Prado: I would say Indonesia was tougher. Sure, the track is rough, but if you ride it well and don’t spend all your energy in the first lap and you maintain your rhythm and focus on how you are riding, then it isn’t so bad. For sure it is hard for the muscles, but like I said, keep your rhythm. I don’t think about getting tired, just concentrate on my riding. The track was rough, they didn’t really fix it from Saturday, just the ramps, so it was tough.

MXlarge: You have now won at Lommel three times, which is just amazing, because it is such a tough place to race at. Is that maybe the highlight of your career, outside winning a championship, to win at such a tough track?

Prado: I don’t know. Maybe Arco, because at Arco, I had a podium in the 65cc class, also the 125cc class, and now four times in the 250. Every time I raced in Arco; I had a podium. I think I also have three wins, so I have done well at Arco. Also, Assen I have good results, so I have a few tracks I have good results and Lommel is very tough, so I am very proud to have good results here.


MXlarge: Watching you ride around Lommel, it is like you are effortless, and that isn’t the same for everyone. You really have a great technique and a lot of the other guys look like they are working really hard. Can you feel that, that you are riding a lot easier than the others and do you see that yourself, when watching the highlights?

Prado: Maybe from the video it looks easier, but from the inside, it is still really tough. So, I need to be really mentally and physically prepared to come and race this track. This year, it was tougher than last year.

MXlarge: You seem so relaxed and easy going and you are getting closer and closer to becoming a two-time World champion. You are very young, how are you on the inside and how can somebody so strong at such a young age.

Prado: You know, I don’t really think too much about it. My goal is to just race and next year is going to be a tough year and I am already preparing for that, because I want to be better than this year and I know its going to be tough next year.

MXlarge: Speaking of next year and moving to the 450. You said you are preparing for that, but you are still a very slender guy, your body is very thin. Are you already riding the 450?

Prado: No, not at all. I still haven’t tested the 450, and we are just concentrating on the MX2 title. After that, we will see how that goes, and hopefully I can start soon on the 450, but first I need to get the title and I hope that happens soon, then I will ride the 450 and prepare. I never tested before and it will be a tough challenge.

MXlarge: So, let’s say you win the championship, and then you start riding the 450, will you maybe even race the 450 somewhere this year?

Prado: No, I don’t think so, I have never raced a 450 and we need a good set-up and for racing it is probably a bit too early.


MXlarge: Of course, everyone is starting to talk about Assen and the Motocross of Nations. Will Spain be there this year?

Prado: Yes, I think Spain will be there and I hope we can qualify for the Sunday. That is our goal and once we qualify then maybe finish top ten. Spanish riders don’t ride a lot of sand, so hopefully we can all fight and do our best result.

MXlarge: You have shown last year at the MXoN that you can beat a lot of 450 guys. Is that the goal again this year, because you should be the top MX2 guy, so I can imagine you need to set a higher goal for the race?

Prado: I mean, it will be tough, because the start in sand, the 450 is incredible and they have so much power. You can make a perfect start, but you have all the 450s around you and its going to be tough. If you don’t get the start, to pass a 450 in the sand, it is going to be really difficult.

MXlarge: Ok, last question. You are 124 points ahead of Thomas (Olsen).

Prado: 124?

MXlarge: Yes, 124 ahead. Let’s say you get to 140 ahead after Imola, so you can probably win it in Sweden in a few weeks’ time. Have you thought about that at all?

Prado: Where I can win it, yes, I have thought about that, but first we need to race and make it happen. Without racing you can’t win the title.

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