Kristers Sergis - Latvian Promoter

Posted on July 10, 2020

The sport is lucky to have people like Kristers Sergis involved in our sport. The promoter of the triple header in Latvia in early August is working hard to make sure the circuit is safe, and the event is run under the protocol and government demands.

While many motorsport series are cancelling rounds and series, MXGP is rolling into Kegums, Latvia for what is looking more and more like one of the most fascinating and exciting restart to a FIM Motocross World Championship.

We caught up with Kristers Sergis and asked him about how the event will run and what he expects with the three GPs within a week.

MXlarge: Firstly, congratulations on doing the Grand Prix?

Kristers: We are still in the process and we are trying to get everything done what is inside the protocol and inside the government rules, so it is safe on both sides. This is something new and challenging, it isn’t the usual GP, but at the moment we are getting everything done with different rules. It is a big challenge for me and our team and it is very interesting.

MXLarge: Was there ever a moment you thought the Grand Prix wouldn’t go ahead?

Kristers: You know, there was a lot going on, because of the virus of course there were worries. Since the middle of March, we were watching and I was ready in April to ask if we can organize two events, and maybe one could be organized around here, like Russia. We had this idea for the triple Grand Prix, but that came just a little more than a week ago. In Latvia we are lucky we didn’t have too much trouble with the virus and that is why we will keep everyone safe, the spectators and the riders.

MXlarge: I can imagine the rules change daily and I saw when it was announced just last week, you were allowed 1000 people each day, and now you are allowed 3000 people each day, and I am sure many other things change daily?

Kristers: That is true, it is now 3000 people from August 1, it was 1000 people, but the news mentioned we can have 3000 people on the venue. Obviously, the riders and media and other paddock people will have their own separate area. For us it is important to have as many fans as possible because the roots of our sport are there.

MXlarge: I was told the EMX would have the paddock for Saturday and then they have to leave and MXGP and MX2 come in on Saturday night for the Sunday program. Is that true and can you tell me how that will work?

Kristers: There is no need, Kegums is a big area, around 68 hectares and it is more than big enough to have EMX and MXGP and MX2, the paddock area is a very big area, so one big paddock. There is no problem even with social distancing, but it will be a closed area, away from the spectators, but this is something Infront will provide everyone with further information. At the moment we are still in the process of delivering information.

MXlarge: As you mentioned, it is a big area, so social distancing with 3000 people will be rather easy?

Kristers: Yes, for the spectators it isn’t a problem and also for the riders it isn’t a problem. We can put three times what we need.

MXlarge: How about the track, will each Grand Prix have a different layout?

Kristers: Yes, every Grand Prix will be different. Also, Infront will modify it, not completely change the track. There will be some changes in sections, but this isn’t up to me, it is up to Infront and they will decide what is done. We provide the machines, but I leave it up to the experts.

MXlarge: Can you tell me how it is for arriving in Latvia, because there are some countries still need to get their numbers down before they can arrive without lockdown, for instance England?

Kristers: I do know that Air Baltic have flights from Riga to London and also back from London to Riga. At the moment they would need to go onto 14 day quarantine from England, but England isn’t one of the worst and we have rules at the moment, but each country is changing (editor: England is just above the regulated rate of infections per capita, and no doubt within the next week should be under that rate and be allowed to arrive in Latvia without 14 day quarantine). We feel confident and believe things will improve as days go by.

MXlarge: From the three GPs, I can imagine the Wednesday will be a quiet day for spectators, or do you have a public holiday that day?

Kristers: No, we don’t have a public holiday, but many people have mentioned to me they will not work that day and come to watch, so maybe we have more than expected. We will see how it works, but even today I got some phone calls from friends who will take the day off and not on the weekend, so maybe it works like this. In summer period many people have their holidays organized.

MXlarge: I know many people really love coming to Latvia, love coming to Riga and love coming to Kegums. It’s a beautiful track in the nature and Riga as your capital is a really nice place, with great restaurants and bars. Have you organized anything in the way of a motocross festival week?

Kristers: Well, you know, we are negotiating with Riga, because the second GP is the MXGP of Riga and maybe they come up with some type of proposal, but everything is difficult and the timing is short and so much going on. We are very busy organizing all the things around the racing and that is the main point, but of course, the marketing people are working on what you mentioned. One thing is sure: international visitors are recommended to not mix with local crowds.

MXlarge: Obviously Pauls (Jonass) got injured, but is there any way he can be back for Latvia?

Kristers: I don’t think so. The injury isn’t that bad, but he needs time to recover, he needs some weeks and I am not sure if he is fit and ready to be on the starting line. It is a shame for us and for me as the organizer, but that is motocross