KTM 690 Enduro R - 2023

Posted on November 02, 2022

The KTM 690 Enduro R is a no-compromise, dual-sport, ace of all surfaces. Master the toughest enduro tracks and fast-flowing trails thanks to the KTM 690 ENDURO R’s powerful single-cylinder LC4 engine. Even more capable for 2023, the machine is built to tackle and own any type of terrain you throw at it. The READY TO RACE, class-leading travel enduro.

The KTM 690 ENDURO R and KTM 690 SMC R have been the leaders in their segment for over a decade. This trend will continue into 2023 in typical KTM style, driven by their true READY TO RACE pedigree.

At the heart of the KTM 690 ENDURO R and KTM 690 SMC R is the most powerful single cylinder available in a production model. The KTM LC4 engine has undergone constant development over the past thirty years, from the beating heart of a 553cc racer in 1987 to the complete machine as it stands today, with a lung capacity of no less than 693cc.


The LC4 has not only stood the test of time, but has actually formed a segment in its own right. It proved to be the ideal foundation for the KTM 690 series and enabled the production of two of the most powerful motorcycles ever to roll out of the factory in Mattighofen.

Central to this show of power is the KTM 690 ENDURO R. It has been the 'dual sport' bike for many years and will receive some nice updates for 2023. The KTM 690 ENDURO R has thus become an even more powerful enduro weapon that makes no compromises on tricky enduro terrain or on easier, fast trails.

This was perfectly illustrated by the recent victory of Dakar expert Xavier de Soultrait in the Transanatolia Rally.

“I wanted to challenge myself on the seven-day Transanatolia Rally, by riding it on a production machine. The KTM 690 ENDURO R was up to the challenge and to my surprise I won the overall motorcycle category. On some stretches the KTM 690 ENDURO R was even faster than some of my old rally bikes and performed perfectly. The KTM 690 ENDURO R is the ideal weapon for fast, smooth-running trails and easily holds its own in the rally world.”

The KTM 690 SMC R has also been impressing for years and is regarded as the slide king for adrenaline junkies maneuvering down winding paths. The KTM 690 SMC R is built to blast through twisty mountain roads and tracks, with its reign as undisputed supermoto king lasting as long as the wheelies it can pull. So endless.

For 2023, both machines will feature a simple yet effective LCD display that provides information such as speed, rpm and several key warning lights. The slim design of the dashboard keeps the view to the front unobstructed. 


Furthermore, the KTM 690 ENDURO R and 690 SMC R are equipped with Cornering ABS, allowing riders to rely on optimum braking power in all conditions, even at high lean angles. This is expanded on the KTM 690 ENDURO R with Offroad ABS, which limits the effect of ABS on the front wheel and is even completely disabled on the rear wheel. That way riders can lock up the rear wheel if they want to dive into a tight corner sharply.

This feature is replaced on the KTM 690 SMC R with Supermoto ABS, which literally removes all limitations. Activate this function and the ABS will have limited effect on the front wheel and even be completely disabled on the rear wheel. The possible result, drifting through the bend and powersliding with smoking tires from the apex.

Both machines will also get a cool overall design, with the design of the KTM 690 ENDURO R being inspired by the Enduro competition series. The KTM 690 SMC R features a completely new blue/orange pattern, which further enhances the beautiful premium look.

Finally, they are equipped with an exhaust system that meets the EURO 5 standard, made of high-quality stainless steel. Thanks to the worldwide network of KTM dealers, the bikes can be expanded with specially designed KTM PowerWear and KTM PowerParts parts to enjoy the best possible performance, protection and freedom of movement.

The latest generation of LC4 engines thus combines versatility with a truly unique driving experience. Each model has unique arguments for different riding styles, but together they offer a dynamic combination of race-inspired performance, ergonomics and technology that can truly conquer any kind of terrain.

For more information on the new KTM 690 ENDURO R, click here. For more information on the 2023 KTM 690 SMC R, visit www.ktm.com