Latvian GP - Rider Comments

Posted on June 04, 2023

Take a look at what all the top riders thought of their weekend in Latvia. Victories for Jeffrey Herlings and Kay de Wolf, but many fine performances. More comments coming later, so check back.....

Jeffrey Herlings: “A tough race. I was a bit scared the start mesh was going to be slick in the second moto, so I dropped the revs and almost missed the start but I still came out 3rd. I had to work hard to get through and it was not easy at all to catch and pass Jorge and Romain but when I went for it, I could make it happen. Romain was riding really good. I had to fight. 1st place as well yesterday so a good GP and I’m very happy and pleased to have a perfect weekend. Now onto Germany.”

Jorge Prado: "The weekend was okay, but not too special. I felt better on Saturday than I did today. I had a great chance in the first moto, but I was not riding free. The championship is long and there are positives that I can take from the weekend, so we will focus on those and keep on working."

Romain Febvre: Good operation on the weekend. First moto many people crashed and I didn't crash, but was involved. Second moto it was muddy and I passed the guys on the front. I could keep Jeffrey behind me and I started making mistakes and I think he saw that and passed me. Saturday the track is partly sandy and partly hardpack so it’s not easy to find the best set-up. My start in qualification was average and there were not so many lines so I lost time to come back to fifth, and then the riders in front of me were too far. I'm a little frustrated with today (Saturday).

Kay de Wolf: “This is amazing. I have the red plate and finally got my first overall win as an MX2 rider. We had to wait a while for this, but we kept on fighting. I need to give a lot of credit to the Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing team. It is an amazing team and we always push forward. I am excited to go racing again in Germany." 

Roan van de Moosdijk: "I had a little crash in moto two. 1-2 is amazing for the team though! The rain made it difficult in the second moto, but we finished on the podium and I am really happy with the way that things are going at the moment. We will try to keep the ball rolling like this in Germany next weekend." 

Lucas Coenen: "I am happy with the speed and way that I feel on my FC 250. We are making a lot of progress, but it would have been great to join my teammates on the podium. I learnt a lot when out front in the second moto. It is just a shame about that late mistake at the end, but we will go for the podium again next weekend."

Thibault Benistant: “I was feeling good all weekend. I would only say that I took a bit too long to find my rhythm in all the sessions. The first race was quite good. It took time to get comfortable, but I felt I was improving every lap and by the end, I was riding free and fast. In the second race, I started quite well, but the riders on the inside came in too hard. There was no space for it, and I crashed. It’s frustrating because this weekend was going well and I know I had the speed to win, but I have to focus on the positives. I came back through the pack well, in tough conditions with a lot of rain, and still got on the box.”

Ruben Fernandez: A very disappointing end to what was looking like a good weekend. I had a good first moto, riding a clean consistent race for third place and I was excited for the second moto. Unfortunately in between the races, there was a lot of rain and that changed the track a bit, but I still was in a good fifth position, for a long time in the race. Then I had a big incident on the step-up which meant that I had to pull into the pits. I was able to re-join the race and came back into the points but that’s not what I was hoping for when I arrived here. A big thanks to the team for all their work and I hope to get back to where I belong in Germany next weekend.

Glenn Coldenhoff: “I was close to the podium today, but I couldn’t match those guys in Race Two today. I was not happy with my riding in the second race. I could not get comfortable. I made so many mistakes and had to slow down. Looking at the positives, the first moto was good, I made some good passes and found some aggression, which is something I have been missing lately, but still, I should have been on the box today. From here we will just take this result, which is my first solid result in a while, and keep building.”

Jeremy Seewer: “I had the pace to be third or fourth today, but after going down hard yesterday, I had quite a bit of pain in my elbow, so I just did my best today. I rode really well in Race One, I had the pace of the top guys, but had to fight from quite far back because of where I was at the start. It was a strange feeling to be one of the best starters, but there was no possibility to start up front this weekend because of my place on the gate. Still, I was good in the opening laps and made some good passes and fifth is not too bad in this situation, but not where I want to be.”

Andrea Adamo: “Yesterday I had the red plate briefly but today I’m again P2! I’m happy with my weekend though. I was not as fast as the top two-three guys but I had good enough results, especially after that second moto where it was very easy to make a mistake and lose a lot of points. We’re fighting for the championship and we don’t need to throw points away. The season still has a long way to go and I’m very proud of the position we are in. We’ll go right up until the last race for sure. Back to hard-pack now in Teutschenthal. I’m looking forward to it.”

Liam Everts: “Latvia done and mixed feelings on this weekend. The quali race was quite good and in the first race the result was positive but I wasn’t happy with my riding. My start was OK in the second but I was pushed out and hit, and that ruined my chances for a possible podium. I got back to 8th and made the most out of it. I didn’t give up and can now think about Teutschenthal.”

Kevin Horgmo: "Today was a solid day with sixth and fifth in the two motos; of course I want more but it was a real step in the right direction after the last few weeks. I was sick in Spain but I feel healthy again now. My thanks to all of the team for their hard work; they never stopped believing in me and now we just need to maintain the progress to get back to where we belong. I was standing complete outside on the gate after yesterday so I didn't even put on the holeshot device and cut inside off the start to come through the first corner in the top ten and that made the races a little easier. It was survival out there in the conditions in race two but my bike ran 100% all moto."

Sacha Coenen: “The weekend started well, I felt good on the track and good on the bike. I almost got the holeshot in the first moto and was running quite well for the first half but then had a few issues and finished 10th. Second one I had another good start but another rider hit me and I crashed really hard. I was able to continue and kept going. My speed was better than the first moto and the lap-times were strong. I had to stop twice for goggles and that was the only drawback. Germany next and I’ve ridden very well at that track.”

Tony Cairoli: “Overall a positive weekend. Andrea had the red plate on Saturday and sometimes it can be a hard thing to carry. This track isn’t the best for him but overall he made good points. We’re happy for him and the title chase is long. Liam had bad luck at the start but rode well and Sacha was around the top ten, which is what we want from him in his rookie season. And Jeffrey! What can we say? He is the main contender for the title and when it is time to turn the gas then he doesn’t have many opponents, especially in the final part of the race where his physical condition is making the difference at the moment. He gained nine points and that was great for the team as well.”

Mitch Evans: "This track has never been my favorite but we made another step forward during the week and that showed in the results. Now I just need to get back into race fitness and make up for the bike time I missed at the start of the year. Now I'm looking forward to Germany; I really like that track and it's more my style."