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Lawrence Wins Moto One - 450s

Lawrence Wins Moto One - 450s

May 25

  • Race Report

HRC rider Jett Lawrence has won the opening 450 moto of the 2024 AMA 450 Nationals. The Aussie gated well and just took off, showing his motocross skills as his older brother fought with Aaron Plessinger early, but then passed to take an easy second place. Third was Plessinger. The defending champion and AMA supercross champion just looks better and better in 2024 and it might be a long outdoor season for anyone not coming from Australia.

Great start by Jett Lawrence as he led the opening 450 moto from Aaron Plessinger, Hunter Lawrence, Justin Cooper, Justin Barcia, Dylan Ferrandis, Malcolm Stewart, Phil Nicoletti, Brad West and Jake Masterpool. Chase Sexton was 14th and Jason Anderson way back at the back of the pack.

Sexton quickly up to 10th place on lap two and the lead on lap two by Lawrence was 1.5 seconds over Plessinger, with Hunter Lawrence, right on the back wheel of the KTM rider. A lap later the lead was 2.5 seconds, and the other Lawrence wasn’t leaving Plessinger alone and really pushing him. Sexton up to ninth, but 18 seconds off the leader.

On lap five Lawrence has extended his lead to 3.3 seconds and Plessinger was getting slightly away from the other Lawrence, the gap between them one second. Justin Cooper in fourth was 12 seconds off the leaders pace and then came Barcia, Ferrandis, Sexton, Stewart, Nicoletti and Kelley.

Eight laps in and the lead was 8.5 seconds, with Plessinger just ahead of Hunter Lawrence again as the older brother regrouped. Sexton still in seventh place and 37 seconds off the leader. Jason Anderson was up to 15th place and Dean Wilson was a handy 12th. Hunter Lawrence moved into second place and quickly got to three seconds ahead of Plessinger, but brother Jett was 6.4 seconds ahead with 10 minutes remaining.

10 laps in and the lead was 6.2 seconds and the Lawrence brothers were dominating, with American Plessinger third, Frenchman Ferrandis fourth and another American, Cooper in fifth place. Anderson was up to 13th place. Lawrence brothers first and second, Plessinger third and Sexton got up to fourth at the end, with Anderson up to 10th place.

Haiden Deegan won the opening 250 moto from Levi Kitchen and Chance Hymas.

250 Moto One

1 38 Haiden Deegan

2 47 Levi Kitchen

3 48 Chance Hymas

4 16 Tom Vialle

5 17 Joseph Savatgy

6 33 Jalek Swoll

7 31 Jordon Smith

8 30 Jo Shimoda

9 34 Ryder DiFrancesco

10 39 Pierce Brown

11 57 Nate Thrasher

12 40 Dilan Schwartz

13 929 Julien Beaumer

14 705 Mark Fineis

15 166 Casey Cochran

16 99 Jett Reynolds

17 473 Lux Turner

18 511 Nicholas Romano

19 69 Coty Schock

20 59 Daxton Bennick

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