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Lombok GP - Rider Comments

Lombok GP - Rider Comments

Jun 30

  • Interview

Check out what many of the riders thought of their weekend in Indonesia. From the winners, Jorge Prado and Kay De Wolf, to the other podium men and many more.

Jorge Prado: "I mentioned before coming to Indonesia that my goal was to win here and every GP. It was disappointing about the result in Maggiora, but I was fully focused on coming back strong. We started the second half of the season well with this result. I felt good today on the bike, but it was physically demanding. Both races were different, but this one was particularly challenging due to the physical conditions. The heat was intense, and the track was extremely rough and sketchy. There was a lot of water put down after the break. I got caught a few times in mud holes, and my bike went sideways. However, I regrouped, controlled my pace, and managed to take the win. Now, let's have a good weekend of training and rest to be ready for round two here in Indonesia!”

Kay de Wolf: “Today's races were quite different; the first was dry, but the track was heavily watered for the second, resulting in puddles everywhere. The second moto was especially challenging early on. Despite this, I made some crucial passes and focused on maintaining my speed. I’m pleased with the adjustments we made between races and thrilled to secure this win. Looking forward to next weekend!”

Lucas Coenen: “Even though I made it to the podium, I’m somewhat disappointed with my performance this weekend. I learned that on this type of track, it’s essential to attack every corner while maintaining smoothness. It was physically demanding, and although it wasn’t my preferred track type, I believe I gained valuable experience for my riding. The second moto, in particular, was tough due to the waterlogged conditions, and I had a close battle with Kay. This week, I’ll focus on recovery and eagerly anticipate the challenges of the new layout next weekend.”

Jeffrey Herlings: “1-1-2: a decent weekend. A shame about the second moto and the watering. I had to hit my handlebar and lever a few times to get them back into place after the crash but I was lucky I could ride again in 3rd place. It was tough. At the end of the moto the lines got so much deeper and rougher. I still managed to close a bit to Jorge but I didn’t want to take more risks. Not bad.”

Andrea Adamo: “A good weekend, happy to be back on the podium. I had a good feeling here all weekend and good speed but also motos were I had to come back both times. I made two big mistakes at the start of the first moto and the second one was like a mud moto but with no rain! It was crazy. Anyway, solid weekend and I’m happy. Let’s keep going in this way.”

Calvin Vlaanderen: “I’m so happy! It’s been a long two years since I was on the podium, and it’s taken a lot of work and sacrifices to get back up here. So, I want to say a huge thanks to the whole team and everyone around me. I’ve been close to the podium a few times this year but today I felt really good. To really battle with the front guys though, I need better starts. With the team we’ve been working hard on them, and they’ve improved a lot, but I need to be getting holeshots or at least be in the top three. Overall, I’m super-stoked to be on the box and today has been great for my confidence.”

Tim Gajser: Things didn’t go my way today, on what was quite a difficult track. I couldn’t find a good rhythm in race one and just had to settle for third place. Race two started a lot better, including getting the holeshot but I ran a bit wide and let a couple of guys through. I then fought hard in the first few laps and got myself back into the lead, but a couple of mistakes and I ended up finishing fifth. It’s not where I want to be, but I had five days to recuperate and then we go again next weekend.

Jeremy Seewer: "It was positive to end the day with a third place even if that second moto was crazy; I didn't see any rain but the track was like a Maggiora mud race. But I could use my experience; I made no mistakes while others did and I was only one point off the podium. Perhaps I could have tried to keep Calvin and Andrea behind me in race one but if you don't have a good flow on this track you're fighting the track. Anyway I did my best and collected good points and we don't have much travelling this week so that will be nice as the last few weeks have been hectic. I will try to rest mind and body this week and we will see how I feel tomorrow before making a plan for the week. Maybe we'll take in a little surfing on Tuesday morning; that also takes some energy but it's an alternative to running in the heat."

Jack Chambers: "I had a decent ride in the first moto; I started tenth for a couple of laps but then I was struggling a little with my hands and went back to fifteenth before moving forward again. I actually made the pass for tenth on the last lap but went off the track right before the finish line and had to be satisfied with eleventh. I just rode too conservative in race two in the mud but I still made a pass into thirteenth until I broke off a footrest on the last lap and had to ride round with my foot on the casings. We'll chill this week and probably take a look round the island one day but we'll continue doing the work-outs with runs and the gym to be ready for next weekend."

Sacha Coenen: “Not that good this weekend, but I was really happy with the first moto holeshot! I feel like I can make a good start from anywhere. I almost tipped over though and make my way back to the top five. Not the best but not the worst. I was riding really good in the second moto but with five-six laps to go I started to feel pretty bad and had to slow. 4th so then 5th overall. Not a disaster. We’ll keep our head-up for the next race.”

Simon Längenfelder: "The first weekend here in Lombok is over, and to be honest, it was a bit of a struggle. In the first race, I had a good start and was leading. I felt comfortable on the bike, but unfortunately, I had a small tip-over, and after that, things went downhill. I felt like I had expended all my energy, and the last 10 minutes were tough. I finished 6th. In the second race, the heavily watered track presented a challenge, but overall, I felt good. Despite a less than ideal start, I made some good passes. Towards the end, I lost a few positions and finished sixth again. Now it's time to recover this week and analyze what we can improve for the next weekend.”

Liam Everts: “Difficult weekend. I felt like I couldn’t put together two solid races. Not the best start in the first moto and I came back to 4th and in the second I think I was 4th or 5th but tucked the front because they had watered the track so much. It was as surprise. Not so happy with the results but we’ll keep working and come back next weekend.”

Mattia Guadagnini: “It felt good to lead in the second moto, but overall, it was a tough weekend. On Saturday, I had a big crash in the first lap of qualifying, which forced me to pit. I focused on finishing to avoid a bad starting position for Sunday. In race one, I had a decent start, managing to gain positions by cutting inside from the outside. I found my rhythm and climbed up to eighth. Unfortunately, on the last lap, my rear brake got stuck due to a stone or something similar, costing me two positions. It was frustrating because I gave my all throughout the race. In the second moto, I had a strong opening lap and moved up to fifth. I held sixth for most of the race until a small crash due to track conditions dropped me to seventh. This resulted in seventh place overall. I aim to improve next weekend and believe I have what it takes to stay in the top five in the upcoming races!”

Mikkel Haarup: “That’s the first of two races here in Indonesia done and it’s been a pretty good start. Yesterday, because of the high humidity, I was a little conservative with my riding as I wanted to save myself for today. In both races it was a battle to the end and in race one I finished third, and quite close to second so that was good. In the second race I gave it everything I had, but a small mistake cost me a place on the podium, so that was, of course, frustrating. Overall, I felt good on the bike and my speed was good too, so I’m super-excited for next weekend.”

Camden McLellan: “It’s great to be back racing with the team. The plan for this weekend was to build throughout, and I feel like I did that. I put two solid motos in today and I can be happy with my results. I have a few small things to work on, but there has also been a lot of positives too, so I’m now looking forward to next weekend.”

Andrea Bonacorsi: “Two good days for me this weekend. Yesterday I worked on finding my flow around the track and placed ninth in the Qualifying Race, so that wasn’t too bad. Today was really good, especially Race One. I started around sixth or seventh and then held sixth all race. Then, on the last lap, I passed Jeremy Seewer for fifth, so I was really happy with my performance. I had another good start in Race Two but lost some positions in the first turn. I was then running in eighth but then I had a small tip-over and lost a lot of places. It was really hot, and I did my best to regroup, but I ended up 12th. So, a bittersweet day let’s say. But I showed that if I start up front, then I can run up front, so that’s really positive, and I’m excited for next weekend.”

Rick Elzinga: “A tough day today. I felt like my riding was good, but I just didn’t get going quick enough. Coming through the pack in both races was tough and I crashed early in Race Two so that made things even tougher. I rode a little tight and not like I know I can so, it was a difficult weekend overall and I was fighting myself on the bike. The bike was good though, but I feel like I’m doing something wrong, so I need to fix this before next weekend.”

Ferruccio Zanchi: Definitely a learning experience this weekend, with just being a completely different type of event than in Europe. I am happy to be here though and I’m happy with how I rode in that second moto, to fight hard and show a bit more of what I am capable of. I know that I need to get those sort of starts in every race and if I can do that, I can see that I’m getting closer and closer to finishing with the top guys.

Karlis Reisulis: “Not the best day, but my speed was good for battling inside the top 10. I now need to work on my endurance, as these MX2 races are five minutes longer than EMX250 races, so I’ll need to increase my training going forward. My bike was great, and the team really helped me get dialled-in on it, but it was my mistakes and riding that prevented me from getting better results. I’m really thankful for the opportunity to be racing MX2 on a factory bike and I’m looking forward to racing again next weekend.”

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