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Maggiora GP - Live

Maggiora GP - Live

Jun 15

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It is back to Maggiora this weekend and we will continue to see the fight between two five time World champions, Tim Gajser and Jeffrey Herlings and a three time World champion in Jorge Prado. With Gajser and Herlings going for their sixth World title and Prado going for number four, whatever happens, we get somebody joining legends of the past in the all-time list and breaking records.

I still find it amazing to think both Gajser and Prado could catch the 50 GP wins of Joel Robert this year and Gajser or Herlings could join him with six World title. Prado of course, can get to that 50 mark and join Harry Everts, Heikki Mikkola and Thorsten Hallman as a four time World champion. I would be happy if any of this happens. Who doesn't love history being made?

In recent years at Maggiora, the big three have all had success, Herlings added to his MX2 success in 2013 and 2014 as he scored a very lopsided 6-1 result for the win in MXGP in 2021. That year, Jorge Prado scored 2-7 for fourth overall and Gajser 5-6 for seventh overall.

2022 Gajser won with 1-1 results, but both Prado and Herlings didn’t race due to injuries. Last year, Jeremy Seewer won from Prado, who finished second overall with 1-6, Gajser was fifth overall with 9-2 results.

Now as we return to Maggiora, we all know that victory for either of the big three is more than likely, but can Herlings continue his momentum from last weekend in Latvia and make it four wins at Maggiora, or will Gajser win his third GP there, or Prado his first? Dry conditions, its nearly impossible not to pick Prado, but he is yet to win here and anything is possible in 2024.

Below is the Schedule and the places to find the results, live and full. Also the live streaming link. You can watch the live results HERE, the full results HERE and the streaming service, HERE.

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