Maggiora - Rider Comments

Posted on September 17, 2023

Take a look at some riders comments from Italy today. More rider comments later, so check back with us later tonight.

Jorge Prado: "I am so happy! It is a pity about that mistake in the second moto, but I am the new world champion. So much hard work has gone into this, from myself and the team, and I knew that I could make this happen. I have held the red plate since round one – I cannot ask for anything better. This is a dream."

Andrea Adamo: “I cannot believe it. This really is like a dream. Thank you to everyone. I came to Maggiora not thinking about the GP win and mainly about the first chance to take the title. I’m really happy with my motos. They were very consistent even though I didn’t have the best starts. It wasn’t easy but I wasn’t thinking about the bigger picture too much and just wanted to enjoy the races. I saw Liam when I came through to start the last lap and that wasn’t so nice but this is part of the sport. I hope he is fine. An unbelievable day for me. Maybe I got lucky at times this season but every single race I tried to do the maximum I could: sometimes it is P2, sometimes P5 and sometimes P1. Nothing more. I can accept when someone is faster than me and I held this strategy all season; now I’m world champion!”

Jago Geerts: “I’m really proud of what I achieved today. To win the GP here in Italy today after two injuries this year, it feels good, and I’m proud to bounce back like this. I am happy with how the whole day went. Simon (Laengenfelder) didn’t make it easy for me, but I managed to get it done, and it’s a good sign I am back in good shape.”

Jeremy Seewer: “This one was special. I didn’t even know I won the GP. Things fell in my favour for once, which was nice. I feel like it was my turn to have some luck after so many stints of bad luck this season. I was super happy with my riding today, which was actually nothing special because the track did not have too many lines. But, when you win the GP, you can’t say much about the track; you’ll happily take that bonus. The top-three positions in the championship are decided now, so I can enjoy the last round in Matterley Basin and then do something cool at ‘The Nations’.”

Simon Längenfelder: "It was almost a perfect weekend! I won the qualification race and had two holeshots today. I won the first race with a nice gap! I had a hard fight in the second moto – it went all the way to the end! I ended up going 1-2 for second. It was still a great weekend! I am looking forward to the finale."

Glenn Coldenhoff: “Physically, I am feeling good. I can finish the moto’s strong, pushing all the way to the end. Today, I was riding well, I just missed good starts and then I had to come through the pack. I made some good passes in both races. Riding wise, I am happy, but my starts are terrible at the moment, and with that part, I am disappointed.”

Ruben Fernandez: It was good to come into this weekend feeling healthy and I think that showed in my riding. The first moto was difficult and I wasn’t at my best, but I was still able to finish fifth and rode a consistent moto. Then in race two, I got a good start and although I had a lot of pressure from the riders behind, I kept my fourth place and knew I was close to the podium. But then a mistake from another rider moved me into third place in the moto and third overall. It feels great to be back up on the podium, and it shows that when I’m fit and healthy, I can challenge the best. I’m really looking forward to the final round now!   

Tim Gajser: My riding was good all weekend, but one small mistake cost me the chance of a spot on the podium. After that mistake in the second bend, when I was in third, I picked the bike up in dead last and I rode well to come through the field. I got as high as possible, which was ninth, but I knew that it would be very tough to get on the podium from there. I got another good start in race two, and was third for a while, before moving into second and I tried as hard as I could to win the moto but it wasn’t easy to make passes against the top guys and I had to settle for second, and fifth overall, just a couple of points away from third. Next weekend is Matterley Basin and I like that track and I’ll try my best to be on the podium at the final round.

Romain Febvre: “I was happy with my riding and my feeling for the track in the second moto and I finally found a spot to pass Prado to take the lead. Gajser was pushing and I knew that he had some better lines than me as he was closing the gap at one stage but I eventually saw where he was faster so I could change my lines and make a small gap again to win this moto. I think that I could also have found solutions to pass Seewer and Prado in the first race but I made a mistake and crashed while I was chasing Seewer and later I had a problem with the bike. The next GP is in the UK and I like this track as there’s always good grip, deep ruts, and racing there with a 450 is truly a pleasure."

Lucas Coenen: "Today could have been better, had I been able to start closer to the front, but I am happy with the progress that was made in each moto. We will go to the final round now and try to end with a bang. To secure fifth in the championship would be a nice way to finish my rookie season too!"
Kay de Wolf: "It feels great to be back with the Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing team! Fourth overall is a solid way to return to racing at the highest level, so we will build from here. We have two more races, including the Motocross of Nations, so we will keep building."

Maxime Renaux: “Starting from behind, I had to push really hard to pass riders, and I struggled with that today. I cannot say that it was not possible to pass, and perhaps my mind was not clear enough to find the best lines, but I really struggled to find places to make up time. Starting from last did not help, but I also did not feel the best on the track today as well. So, back to work.”

Thibault Benistant: “I showed some good things this weekend. I had really good starts, even though I didn’t practice any this week, and I was happy with that. I made two mistakes in the race and had to return from that. I came back quite good with good speed. In Race Two, I had another good start, but I was feeling some pressure from behind and tightened up. I missed a little bit of ‘flow’ on the track today, but it will get better for the next one.”

Rick Elzinga: “I had a sinus infection coming into this. That didn’t help. I didn’t have a great start in the first race but had a good first lap and fought back to sixth. After 20 minutes, I was shaking because I had no energy, but still finished eighth, which was decent. In the second race, I was wiped out by another rider in the first corner and had to come back from last. But the track was so fast that it was hard to make a difference and I only got back to 14th, but overall, I am happy with my performance."

Kevin Horgmo: "I got two good starts in the top six/seven but it was difficult to make time on such a high-speed track. I felt good in the first race but it was not easy to pass; I was fifth on the last lap but a lapper got in my rut and I wasn't sure which side to go so Coenen got me. They flattened the track for the second moto so it was really fast and I didn't feel quite as comfortable. I made a small crash in a corner and lost three places when I was sixth but I came back again. I was looking for more as far as results are concerned but I again showed I have the speed so I just need to give it my all at Matterley and the Nations to end the season on a high."
David Braceras: "Today was a completely different track compared to yesterday. In the first moto I made a stupid mistake and crashed when I was eleventh. I started well in race two and had a nice battle with Kevin for most of the race; I was P7 until I made one wrong decision on the last lap and that cost me one position. It was a solid day after yesterday but I know I can do better and aim to end the season with good results at Matterley and the Nations."