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Marc Quentin Prugnieres - Indonesia

Marc Quentin Prugnieres - Indonesia

Jul 5

  • Interview

The sport of motocross, as we all know is probably the toughest sport in the World. The number of different things that need to be dissected for a motocross racer to deal with is quite amazing. From being fit enough, talented enough, determined enough, work ethic, motivated enough, able to have a rather good pain barrier, energy, the list goes on and on.

The Leatt sponsored 19-year-old Marc Quentin Prugnieres has enjoyed some solid results in the MX2 World championship and this talented young Frenchman is a well-spoken and confident young man, and I think many in the know in the sport saw him bursting into the top ten on a regular basis in 2024 and in the near future, of which he has done.

Finishing 11th in the MXGP of West Nusa Tenggara, last weekend, the Kawasaki rider wasn’t really happy with his performance, and while he is 10th in the World standings, which isn’t a bad result in his rookie MX2 season, he knows that much more is possible. He has picked up a couple of sixth place finishes in motos, those coming in Portugal and Germany and top ten results have also been something he has achieved, and on numerous occasions.

Having made his first flight to Asia for this Lombok double header, Prugnieres is overwhelmed with the kindness and hospitality of the locals, and we spoke to this Leatt sponsored rider about the trip.

MXLarge: Firstly, you have travelled outside Europe many times before, right?

Prugnieres: I have been to America and also you know I am from the La Réunion Islands.

MXlarge: But your first trip to Asia and how have you found it?

Prugnieres: Actually, pretty amazing. I really like it here and its one of the best trips I have ever done. It is different than going to say the US, and the culture here, you see something very different and another part of the World. You see how they live here and it’s a cool culture. We think about what we have in Europe and its so different here. I actually, have a great contact, although I am a bit shy with random people, but yes, they have big smiles and they want to speak to you and they don’t have much, but I feel they have a big heart. Even if they don’t speak English, you can see they try and help you with their hand gestures.

MXLarge: I Know when we arrived at the airport there was a band playing and dancers and a lot of things going on, to greet us. Did you have that?

Prugnieres: Yes, actually yes. We were greeted with the vans, and everything was so well organized. They were playing music and gave us a thing around our neck. I heard it isn’t the same as last year, but for me, it was a lot.

MXlarge: The media thing on Friday, I saw some images from Bavo Swijgers of you and it looked like you had a good time?

Prugnieres: Yes, it was really a lot of fun and also, it is like being with the riders, outside of the track, which was also cool. It was like when you are at school, and you meet them outside the school, and everyone is open and together. Of course, we race each other, but it makes it a nice ambiance, and more friendly, it was really cool.

MXLarge: How did you feel about your races?

Prugnieres: I don’t mind riding whatever the conditions and it’s the same for everyone, but on my personal side, I have no problem with how wet the track was, but there was a lot of complains from the teams and we have so many mud races and we were using the clutch more and other things and for the teams, it was a problem, using a lot of parts and stuff. It was meant to be hot here and to have mud it cost a lot of parts. For the riders, it really isn’t a problem. Track was pretty difficult to find the grip into the corners. I didn’t ride well and then you don’t enjoy the track, but if I ride well this weekend, I will like the track. Maybe I tell you I love it this weekend.

MXlarge: You okay with the weather?

Prugnieres: I mean, it was hot, all the riders were hot after the races, but its okay. It is difficult, but of course its tough and you don’t breathe the same, but it is what it is and no problem.

MXlarge: You would like to come back to Indonesia again?

Prugnieres: Yes, big time. I mean, it’s a lot for the teams, but I think it depends on who you ask and how they see it. If it’s the teams, maybe I understand as its expensive and not enough riders, but for me, I love it and really enjoyed it. I don’t want to get into the politics about it and I don’t want to talk about that. Yes, for the experience, it is nice to live this type of experience and doing it the same time I do it while I do what I like, and that is riding. I don’t think riders complain about coming here, its an unreal experience coming here.

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