Max Anstie interview - Bronze MXoN

Posted on February 05, 2019

When Standing Construct KTM rider Max Anstie got the news that Team Great Britain had been handed third place in the 2018 Monster Energy Motocross of Nations, he quickly thought about the Italian team, who had been disqualified due to illegal fuel in the bike of Michele Cervellin. While getting a bronze medal at the MXoN is a huge goal for any rider, Anstie felt for the Italians, and what this result meant for them.

We caught up with the Max on his way to a photo shoot for his team Standing Construct KTM. As always a pleasure to talk to, and full of information on his preparation for the 2019 MXGP season.

MXlarge: Bronze medal at the MXoN.

Anstie: Wow, yes, amazing. On the day I got a message from Mark Chamberlain telling me we got third and congratulations. You know, to be honest, I don’t know the ins and outs of what happened, but the situation for Team Italy, although it is cool we got third place and we didn’t go onto the podium. I don’t know what they did wrong and how much that would have helped them, but they still deserved to finish third. I don’t think it was something major, and it is awesome for Team GB, but I do feel bad for Team Italy. It is also a shame it happened so late, the moment has passed and we are focused on this year and doing a better job than we did at Redbud.

MXlarge: I was speaking to Steven Dixon and we were talking about what a nice idea if might be to give the bronze medals on the podium at the British GP in March, maybe even let the crowd get involved to give you guys some type of celebration. What do you think of that?

Anstie: That would be really cool, that would be amazing. I would like them to do that, as long as it isn’t pissing down with rain.

MXlarge: Well, rain would take you guys back to 2017 MXoN at Matterley when you did get to get onto the podium.

Anstie: I know, it will, that would be cool.

MXlarge: I spoke to you a month or maybe two months ago. How is it all going with the new team?

Anstie: Everything is good. I am heading to a photo shoot now, and Glenn is back riding, or at least well enough to get some photos done. I am not sure if he is riding properly yet. I spent the last month in Spain and doing my last bit of testing and everything seems positive at the moment. It is the off season and everyone feels good at the moment. I am excited to get things rolling.

MXlarge: Have you watched the Italian races at all?

Anstie: Yes, I did. It looked a bit cold at the last one in Ottobiano. I am sure Hawkstone won’t be too much better, but we can hope.

MXlarge: I was also speaking to Steve (Dixon) about the British GP, being that it is in March, so it will probably be cold, but it is also the first European GP, so a lot of people should show up. Are you glad it is so early? What are your thoughts?

Anstie: I am excited. We come back from Argentina, then have three weeks to then step up, and it will be almost like the season starter. Argentina we are all feeling each other out and know we have 19 rounds to go. We will sharpen things up and it will be a good place to start. I hope the weather is pretty good, it would be frozen or snow, but I think it will be a cool event.

MXlarge: Rain and cold should be good for the British riders anyway?

Anstie: I don’t really care, but it is nice for the spectators if the weather is better. If it rains and it’s muddy, it is all the same for me. Wet, dry, hot, whatever. It is going to be fun and that track rides well in all conditions.

MXlarge: Nathan Watson won the Le Touquet on the weekend and I think he also won the French Beach championship. You know, riding in those conditions is tough, and we all know Assen is a tough deep sand track. I sort of wondered if Team GB could do what Team France did with Christophe Charlier and have Nathan in the British team in Assen in September.

Anstie: Oh, I will tell you what, I hadn’t given it too much thought, and I tell you what would be special, Ben (Watson) is also amazing in sand, and having two brothers representing in the Nations. I don’t know if that is a first, two brothers representing at the Nations (editor - Don and Dereck Rickman actually won for Team GB in the 1960s). Nathan has been awesome in those races and I can tell you I wouldn’t want to be doing them. He has done bloody well.

MXlarge: So you will race Hawkstone, what else do you have coming up until Argentina?

Anstie: I am just back in Belgium and we have two weeks of sand riding and trying to work on the sand around Lommel, and then Hawkstone Park and then we also do the hard-pack at Lacapelle. I have some intense couple of weeks of training and then taper it down until Argentina.

MXlarge: Last question. Argentina. I am going there a week or so early, because it’s a beautiful place to mix work with pleasure. I can understand you are going there with a totally different goal than me. How do you go there, and will you be able to enjoy it a little?

Anstie: Well, my fiancé loves it there, so she wished we went there a few days earlier. I just want to fly in and out. I fly out on Sunday night after the race. I am getting in and out and my fiancé said, “no, but I love it there.” It is a fun place and I love it there, but I am going just for work, and being the first round I don’t think I can enjoy it, it is hard to relax and switch off, especially the first round and you are happy if you do well, and that is the main goal.