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McGrath vs Lawrence - Rookies

McGrath vs Lawrence - Rookies

May 23

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Has been a lot of talk of the rookie AMA 450 supercross season of Jett Lawrence, compared to the King of Supercross, Jeremy McGrath and his rookie season. Of course, Supermac burst onto the scene in 1993, having had a successful 125 supercross career and won 10 main events on the way to winning his first of seven AMA supercross titles.

Jett on the other hand, won eight AMA supercross main events, but going by these great stats from our good friend Brett Smith at WE WENT FAST, had much tougher opposition.

What McGrath did, was win like this for a decade to get to his 72 main event wins and seven AMA supercross championships. Jett will have to be similar to do the same and that is a big ask in the sport, which has probably got tougher and more dangerous than ever. As for character, both riders are huge men on our sport and I can't wait to watch the Aussie try and catch the Kings statistics.

Having seen both careers in depth, I am pretty sure, despite my love of watching Mcgrath race, the rookie season of Lawrence was more impressive, with much tougher competition. Just one stat that stands out, McGrath went up against guys with 38 main event wins, while at the start of the 2024 season, this years field had riders with 121 main event wins and this years field had more former or present champions. The stats below pretty much answer all the questions.

Jeremy McGrath - Rookie Season Stats

10 wins

12 podiums and 15 top 5’s

16 starts

Won 4 in a row (twice), Wrapped up title two races early.

- Champions in the field: 1 (Stanton)

- Former winners: 6 for 38 total wins

- Competitors’ Total SX Starts: 1,112

Jett Lawrence - Rookie Season Stats

8 wins

10 podiums and 13 top 5’s

17 starts

Won Daytona, Swept a Triple Crown, wrapped title at final race.

- Champions in the field: 4 (Tomac, Anderson, Webb, Sexton)

- Former winners (at round one): 7 for 121 total wins

- Competitors’ Total SX Starts: 1,858

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