Mitch Evans interview - Back in Europe

Posted on July 28, 2020

HRC rider Mitch Evans hasn’t had a bad few months despite the motocross being closed down. Despite missing racing, the Aussie got to spend a lot of time back home in Australia enjoying friends and family and came back to Europe last week, where he started his preparation for the return of the MXGP championship. We caught up with the friendly Honda rider and asked him about his Aussie adventures and how he is feeling after his shoulder injury in February.

MXlarge: Firstly, how was it in Australia?

Evans: Mate, it was unreal, I loved being home. It was the first time I have been in OZ for a long time and not have to worry about riding. I did some cool things although we were limited what we could do, but I loved being home with family, so it was good.

MXlarge: Obviously after you went home the whole World went rather crazy. Was there any concern you would have trouble getting back to Europe?

Evans: It was okay, we had to apply to the government to get permission and that took a while, but we kept our eye on everything over here in Europe and everyone we spoke to said it was fine and not really too different. It was all good.

MXlarge: How are you feeling, because I saw the press release that your recovery was coming along well?

Evans: It is feeling really good at this stage. We had to fast-track the process and thankfully the doctor allowed us to do that. I wasn’t expecting the season to start just yet and thankfully they let us come over earlier, before we went to Latvia. I really shouldn’t have started riding a track with jumps for another week, but he let me ride a week earlier and I don’t have any pain or anything and it feels stable and strong. I am actually really happy how it is going. I spoke to the surgeon and he said be careful for a little while, but I think we will be back to 100% for Latvia.

MXlarge: Three races in a week and many of you guys haven’t raced for a long time, so how do you think you will be physically?

Evans: Really good. Because it was only a shoulder injury, I was able to do a lot of stuff off the bike. I think my fitness off the bike is the best its ever been, so I have had four days back on the bike on a proper track and I am surprised how good I feel after four months off. Also, that its summertime, it takes it out of you, but my fitness is better now than it was for the first two rounds.

MXlarge: You raised a lot of eyebrows in England, and really surprised a lot of people. Has that result changed your mind-set at all and how do you come into Latvia having had that experience rather quickly in your MXGP career?

Evans: No, not at all. Nothing changes for me. I was trying to see how my shoulder felt and go and make a plan and goals, but not my should is good and how it feels my goals are still podiums and top five results consistently and hopefully we have enough rounds that I can catch up in the championship.

MXlarge: Has the bike changed at all in the last four months, new parts or something?

Evans: Not at all, not even touched since Valkenswaard, no clickers changed and hopefully we will see how the quarantine goes in Latvia, but we will do some testing there and I am really comfortable on the bike.

MXlarge: We can’t talk about the protocol too much for Latvia, but have you had to have a coronavirus test yet flying from Australia to Europe or anywhere else?

Evans: We are not too sure what will happen at the moment, we are in France at the moment, but we will see how it goes and do a test before we go and another when we get there. When I was in Australia, I got a stomach bug twice and needed to get my blood checked, but I had to get a coronavirus test before I could give blood although I knew I didn’t have coronavirus.

MXlarge: How did you like getting the test?

Evans: Honestly, the first one was the most painful thing I have ever done. They went up both nostrils and then down the back of the throat. And the second one they did one nostril for just a second and that is nothing. If they do both, it’s pretty painful.

MXlarge: The calendar, three in Latvia, three in Lommel, did you like that, did you get excited about it, or do you not like it?

Evans: No, I was all for it. Honestly, I thought they should do it like they did in America, all in one go and then we get some time off to prepare for 2021. If they were going to go into late in the year, I wasn’t for that, but I think the one-day event will be good, a really good thing and honestly, I don’t understand the two day event.

MXlarge: Okay mate, thanks very much and see you in Latvia.

Evans: Sure mate, see you there.