Mitch Evans interview - Recovery

Posted on April 05, 2021

HRC factory rider Mitch Evans is back in Europe after a nice break in Australia and while his European winter was replaced by an Australia summer, he still had work to do while sunning on the beach in Queensland. Visiting family and friends was the highlight no doubt and now with his holiday done and dusted it is time for the prep to begin on his second year in the toughest motocross class in the World, MXGP.

The Aussie who has shown glimpses of his potential both in MX2 and MXGP is fortunate we have some time before the season starts as his broken wrist from 2020 has had time to recover and probably still needs a couple of months before it is back to normal.

We caught up with him last Friday and talked about his time in Australia and his problematic injury. As always, Evans is one of the most friendly and open riders in the paddock, and is enjoying his time in Europe.

MXlarge: Mitch, back in Europe mate?

Evans: Yes, back in Italy mate.

MXlarge: When did you get back?

Evans: Since mid-February.

MXlarge: Oh, ok, so you have been back for a while. Was it difficult getting out of Australia?

Evans: No, because I have a visa. I submitted all the paperwork and they told me I don’t need permission to leave. I came back early because I needed to renew my visa in France, so I got that done.


MXlarge: Tell me, how was it being home, obviously always awesome being back home, but how did you spend your time?

Evans: It was great man. Once we got out of quarantine, it was so worth it once we got out, because I got to spend two months, just spending time with family and friends. I was going to the gym and spent time on the beach getting my tan on. It was a good period to be home, because it isn’t often, I get to be home and not worry about riding. I still have to prepare off the bike, but because I couldn’t ride it was nice to do other things and not go to the track three or four times a week.

MXlarge: Is there things you like to eat there, that they don’t have here in Europe, because I know when I go back, I eat a lot of stuff they don’t have here.

Evans: Oh man, in hotel quarantine for five nights in a row I got chicken parmesan, I don’t know if anyone knows what that is, but it is crumbs chicken breast with ham, cheese and a sauce, man I love that.

MXLarge: No Aussie meat pies or sausage rolls or vegemite sandwiches?

Evans: It is funny, but when I was little, I only ate Vegemite sandwiches, and now I am not into that. I do like kit-kats, because I can’t find the same ones as in Australia. The have a big variety of Kit-Kat in Australia. I also love my eggs benedict, like going out of breakfast in Australia, you don’t get there here, just pastries and coffee. I love going out for breakfast back home.

MXlarge: We have a calendar now, so I guess training takes a more serious roll. How has it been for you?

Evans: I really enjoy training and for me it isn’t an issue. What was great I started riding again, so I had something to do during the week, because before that I was doing all my training inside. I was just in the gym or cycling and to be able to go to the tracks now has been great. I love training and there aren’t many jobs you get to train for a living. I am grateful that is part of my job to stay in shape.


MXlarge: Are you based in Italy now, with the lockdown and stuff?

Evans: We are in the red zone now, but you are allowed out for essential workers and because I am a sportsman, I can go to the track anyway and I understand if you have a national license you can still go to the track. You can’t go out for lunch or something like that, just work related. It is difficult, but it isn’t the end of the World.

MXlarge: We have seen a lot of video of Tim at his new track, he seems to spend a lot of time in his country and preparing there. Do you guys ever ride together?

Evans: Well, actually, we don’t ride together that much, just during testing or at the races. He is six hours from me, but because he has his track there, I might be going there more often, and he did invite me. Looking at his track, I am taking him up on the offer, looks a bit American style.

MXlarge: Has the bike changes at all from the 2020 race bike?

Evans: Just some little things, not too much. I actually haven’t done any testing yet, because I just started riding. We will test closer to racing, when I get my speed up a little bit. We just did some bits and pieces. We haven’t changed anything and looking from the outside you won’t be able to tell.

MXlarge: Has anything changes, mechanic or the way you train?

Evans: No, nothing has changed. This is my second year with the team, and it is comforting that everything is the same and it’s like home really.

MXlarge: Have you been following the supercross?

Evans: Yes

MXlarge: I am a bit of a Cooper Webb fan, so enjoying it at the moment. How have you found it?

Evans: From round one, I thought it was crazy how stacked it was. Like almost 15 guys could go for the win, but now it is the top three or four. The last one in Arlington Barcia, Tomac, Roczen and Webb, to go that speed at that track for that long, it is insane. The level is amazing, and the racing has been good. We also see the fight between Roczen, and Webb and I love Webb playing those little mind games he plays. It makes it more interesting, and it has been fun to watch for sure.

MXlarge: We have the calendar and I know last time I asked you about calendars you told me you don’t take much notice. Have you seen it, and do you like it?

Evans: Well, it came out last night, so I took a quick look. I don’t know how much we will go to if this is the final one or not. I haven’t looked too much into it because of that. The travel between rounds two and seven are every weekend, so that looks pretty hectic. I am not sure I look forward to that, or if anyone is. It looks like back to two-day events.

MXLarge: No, you guys just race the Sunday again. Is that better or worse?

Evans: Well, for me, it will be better at the moment. Fitness wise and the amount of time I have been off the bike and the pain I am in; it will help me.

MXlarge: Are you still in pain from your operation?

Evans: I had five months off the bike and my wrist hasn’t had that sort of impact. The break was worse than we thought. The break broke from the bone and shattered into a heap of pieces. Basically, just crushed the end of my radius (the radius is one of two forearm bones and is located on the thumb side). It just hasn’t had that impact in the join for that long and it will just take time to get used to. No stress just let it heal at its own pace. I can only ride one day at the moment and not two in a row.

Images Roman Borak and Bavo Swijgers