Motocross and Speedway Art

Posted on July 21, 2021

British artist Tim Beaumont is very much into his motorsports, be it speedway, motocross or car racing. I know Tim as he does some business with my brother’s merchandise business in Australia and whatever he does, he does with quality and precision.

As a favour he made for me a couple of speedway signs of my childhood hero Ivan Mauger and when they arrived at my home I was over the moon with the quality of his work.

When I asked for something on motocross, he decided to do a couple of my American childhood hero’s, Marty Smith and Bob Hannah for his own private collection, which are just examples of his amazing work and brilliant pieces of art. For anyone who has a hero, be it in motocross, speedway, or any other sport, Tim can probably make something up for you.


The sizes he makes for his stock signs are 11x16 inch and those cost 33.45 sterling, with shipped within UK. Postage is extra for Worldwide shipping. For 16x24 inch the cost is 49.95 sterling shipped within UK, again postage extra for Worldwide and finally 24 x 32 for 85.50 sterling with shipped within UK, postage extra for Worldwide.

Tim can also do custom personalised signs small £49.50, medium, £80.50, Large £110.50 All shipped within UK (Worldwide shipping extra)  

The signs are aluminium and great quality. 

E-mail contact is: [email protected]