Motocross Winners - Countries

Posted on February 13, 2018

Since back in 1957, when the FIM Motocross World Championships began, a number of nations have proven very successful in winning world motocross championships. Sweden, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy and France stand out as the top five nations in world motocross, but The Netherlands and America are biting on the heels of Great Britain to make the top five.

Of course, Belgium, with a long list of motocross world champions are the most successful and it will take many years for a nation to replaced them in the top spot.

With 52 world champions, and names like Stefan Everts, Joel Robert, Roger DeCoster, Joel Smets, Eric Geboers, Georges Jobe, Harry Everts and Andre Malherbe in the top 11 GP riders of all time, it isn’t hard to see why Belgium is so respected as a motocross nation.

While Belgium have a stranglehold on that top spot, Italy and France are very much in a battle for second place.

Obviously helping the Italians at the moment is a massive nine world championships from current MXGP champion Antonio Cairoli. The Sicilian could pick up his 10th this year and go to the top of the all-time list, and if he does it would edge Italy to 23 world championships, compared to 21 by France.

In 2018 both Gautier Paulin and Romain Febvre will be hoping to place the French equal second with Italy, and move a step away from Sweden, who have 16 motocross world champions.

Can Dutchman Jeffrey Herlings climb up the all-time world champion list and claim his fourth world championship in 2018? If he does, he will leap-frog a bunch of riders and move into the top ten all-time list.

World Champions – Top 20

Belgium Stefan Everts     10

Italy Antonio Cairoli         9

Belgium Joël Robert         6

Belgium Roger De Coster  5

Belgium Joël Smets          5

Belgium Eric Geboers       5

Belgium Georges Jobé      5

Finland Heikki Mikkola     4

Sweden Torsten Hallman  4

Belgium Harry Everts       4

Belgium André Malherbe  3

United Kingdom David Thorpe    3

East Germany Paul Friedrichs     3

Soviet Union Guennady Moisseev 3

South Africa Greg Albertyn         3

Belgium Gaston Rahier   3

Italy Alessio Chiodi          3

France Yves Demaria       3

Netherlands Jeffrey Herlings        3

France Jean-Michel Bayle             2

World Championships by nationality (womens and MX3 included)

Belgium                52

 Italy                    22

 France                21

 Sweden               16

 United Kingdom    8

 Netherlands         7

 United States       7

 Finland                5

 Germany             5

 South Africa        5

 New Zealand      4

 Soviet Union      4

 Austria               3

 East Germany    3

 Slovenia            3