Movers and Shakers - 2022

Posted on October 13, 2021

While we all admire the work of the class of 2021 in the MXGP class, you just get the feeling that 2022 might take another interesting and exciting step in the right direction. Sure, we will lose Antonio Cairoli, although the nine-time World champion has mentioned he will do some races, and you get the feeling despite his recent semi-retirement, we might see AC222 at a handful of races in 2022 and then maybe even some AMA Nationals, which would be awesome.

I imagine Cairoli might start his season doing a few GPs and then when the AMA series starts point his attention to their opening round with some good preparation with the fastest riders in the World (the GP guys). I hope that is what happens, because I think if he does prepare for US that way, he has a great shot at even winning the opening round of the AMA Nationals and how cool would that be.

Of course, we also have some MX2 riders arriving in MXGP in 2022 and it seems that Maxime Renaux is booked in for the Monster Energy Yamaha factory rider on the 450, at least that is my gut feeling after talking to some insiders. Another World champion in the class is always a good thing and Renaux will be pretty impressive on the bigger bike.

Then we have exciting Aussie Jed Beaton lined up for a pretty solid ride in 2022 and that excites me too, as Beaton, like many of the top MX2 riders is made for the move to the 450. Hard to know what the Aussie can do next year, but he is without doubt a class rider and will only make MXGP a better place.

What happens to Ben Watson I am not sure, but I would imagine a return to the KTM UK outfit of Hitachi KTM fuelled by Milwaukee team. A pity that his factory days are over for now and returning to a privateer team might be tough, but the Roger Magee team is as good a privateer team as there is in the GP paddock, so that would be a nice fit.

As we mentioned yesterday, the rumours of Alessandro Lupino going to Monster Energy Kawasaki sounds good, but I wonder what will happen to Ivo Monticelli if that happens. Maybe a three-rider team?

I think many of us would love to see Mathys Boisrame get a shot in a solid team, and I think he would. Maybe not as strong as his current MX2 team in F&H Kawasaki, but something must be available for this talented Frenchman?

Of course, the MXGP calendar for 2022 must be due soon, and speaking to the promoters of the Argentina GP, they are still keen to see their track run the opening round and I know I would love to return to that beautiful part of the World in late February or early March and I know the majority of the GP paddock agree.