Moving Up - AMA SX Winners

Posted on April 07, 2021

Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen are not just battling for the 2021 AMA supercross championship, but also the charge up the all-time AMA supercross winners list. While there are just three former winners in the AMA supercross championship in this year’s class (Anderson, Webb and Tomac), Webb, Roczen and Tomac are all within the top 15 in the list.

What is exciting is all three can make some progress in these final rounds of the 2021 championship. Tomac who is the defending champion passed Ryan Dungey on the list this year and Ken Roczen passed three former champions in Jean Michel Bayle, Jeff Stanton, Mark Barnett and also Kevin Windham (who like Roczen) hasn’t got a title in the top fifteen.

Webb is looking the most likely to move up the list with his six main event wins so far this year and can easily move into the top 10 and be alongside or above AMA legend Jeff Ward. Not only can he catch Ward in main event wins, but he can match Ward in championships (two each).

Webb moved past J.M. Bayle with his last supercross victory, and while Bayle didn’t spend a long time in America, taking Bayle’s spot on the all-time list is still something pretty special.

So, with five rounds remaining, Tomac should remain in sixth place in the list, but can join Ryan Villopoto in fifth spot and Webb and Roczen can easily move into the top ten, and that really adds some credibility to this year’s class of 2021.

Top 20 – AMA SX Winners

1. Jeremy McGrath (72)

2. James Stewart (50)

3. Ricky Carmichael (48)

4. Chad Reed (44)

5. Ryan Villopoto (41)

6. Eli Tomac (36)

7. Ryan Dungey (35)

8. Rick Johnson (28)

9. Bob Hannah (27)

10. Jeff Ward (20)

11. Damon Bradshaw (19)

12. Ken Roczen (18)

12. Kevin Windham (18)

14. Cooper Webb (17)

14. Mark Barnett (17)

14. Jeff Stanton (17)

17. Jean-Michel Bayle (16)

18. Ezra Lusk (12)

18. David Bailey (12)

20. Mike Bell (11)