MXGP 2023 - Titles and Victories

Posted on March 17, 2023

There is no doubt, the MXGP class of maybe the last decade has been one of the toughest in the history of the sport and while we miss the title tally of Antonio Cairoli, the current MXGP class still has six former World champions with a total of 15 World championships, of which Jeffrey Herlings and Tim Gajser own 10 of those. Other former World champions in the class are Jorge Prado with two and Romain Febvre, Pauls Jonass and Maxime Renaux all with one each.

The MXGP class is without question very stacked, with 15 riders in the MXGP class having won a Grand Prix or more, it is still down on the Cairoli, Paulin, Desalle era when it comes to total of World titles and GP wins. Sure, Paulin and Desalle never won a title, but they had a long list of GP victories to their names. From this current 15 riders, only 10 have won in the MXGP class, the rest are MX2 GP winners.

In the MXGP class, Jeffrey Herlings and Tim Gajser have 38 GP wins in MXGP each, while Romain Febvre next best with 14 GP wins in MXGP (and one in MX2). From there it drops of as the next best is Jeremy Seewer with just five from his five years and one race in the class. 

Similarly, Jorge Prado has five from his three years and one race in MXGP. Glenn Coldenhoff also has five from eight years and one race. Maxime Renaux, Calvin Vlaanderen, Ruben Fernandez and Brian Bogers have victories in MXGP, all one each.

Current MXGP Overall winners

1. Jeffrey Herlings 99 (38 in MXGP 61 in MX2)

2. Tim Gajser 43 (38 in MXGP 5 in MX2)

3. Jorge Prado 36 (5 in MXGP 31 in MX2)

4. Romain Febvre 15 (14 in MXGP 1 in MX2)

5. Pauls Jonass 11 (11 in MX2)

6. Jeremy Seewer 10 (5 in MXGP 5 in MX2)

7. Maxime Renaux 7 (1 in MXGP 6 in MX2)

8. Glen Coldenhoff 6 (5 in MXGP 1 in MX2)

9. Valentin Guillod 3 (3 in MX2)

10. Ben Watson 2 (2 in MX2)

11. Mattio Guadagnini 2 (2 in MX2)

12. Benoit Paturel 1 (1 in MX2)

13. Calvin Vlaanderen 2 (1 in MXGP 1 in MX2)

14. Brian Bogers 1 (1 in MXGP)

15. Ruben Fernandez 1 (1 in MXGP)

Current MXGP Riders - World Champions

1. Jeffrey Herlings 5

2. Tim Gajser 5

3. Jorge Prado 2

4. Pauls Jonass 1

5. Maxime Renaux 1

6. Romain Febvre 1

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