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MXGP and Lombok

MXGP and Lombok

Jun 19

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Some interesting news out of Indonesia and about the MXGP double header on the tourist island of Lombok. Of course this year we have two rounds in Lombok, while in the past it has been the Island of Sumbawa that held a GP in 2022 and 2023. There is a chance that in the future we return to Sumbawa, but first there needs to be some changes. Also some news that the Lombok circuit will be changed, so the two GPs won't be run on the same designed circuit.

As mentioned by the Chairman of MXGP Indonesia, Dr. H. Zulkieflimansyah, who emphasized that various supports for the implementation of MXGP Indonesia in Lombok this year continue to grow. Even a number of national political elites will be confirmed to be present in Lombok on July 7, 2024.

During his visit to Jakarta some time ago, he had met with various high-ranking officials and national political elites such as Erick Thohir, Minister of SOEs and other figures. In this meeting, various activity plans in NTB were discussed, including the implementation of MXGP on Lombok Island.

Previously, the Media Director of MXGP Indonesia 2024, Baiq Yulia Rahmawati said that the two MXGP Indonesia series in 2024 were confirmed to be held at the former Selaparang Airport. Initially, the first series was held at the Samota Circuit, Sumbawa Regency and the second series at the Selaparang Circuit, Lombok Island.

According to him, the process of moving and changing the racing venue has received approval from various parties including Infront Moto Racing as the promoter of MXGP International. However, the track or circuit layout design between the first and second series is different. The first MXGP series uses the current layout, while the second series will change.

The relocation of the event location from the Samota Circuit, Sumbawa Regency for the first series which will take place on June 28-30, 2024 was due to many factors. Some of them are related to accommodation and flights.

"As we know, in Sumbawa there has been no increase in accommodation until this year, especially in terms of housing and also transportation in terms of flights. Although the planes we use like the previous year are chartered planes. So those are some of the reasons why all MXGP series are in Lombok," he explained.

Regarding the implementation of the two MXGP series on Sumbawa Island, according to him, because the organizer in this case PT. SEG conducted a lot of negotiations with Infront Moto Racing.

"Although Infront actually wanted a lot of additional rooms last year, especially this year, you can check it yourself, from FIM booking even more rooms, especially in Sumbawa. That is what caused the shortage of rooms to continue to increase over time and finally after long negotiations Infront agreed, SEG agreed to hold two MXGP series on Lombok Island. And this is the result of discussions with the Sumbawa Regional Government as well,'' he claimed.

However, he said, his party is still trying to hold MXGP on Sumbawa Island for several series in the future. However, all of this depends on accommodation and smooth transportation problems to Sumbawa Island and lobbying with Infront.

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