MXGP of Indonesia - The Track

Posted on June 24, 2022

Former GP and MXdN winner and MXGP commentator Paul Malin was kind enough to give us his video of his short track review from this amazing Sumbawa circuit. You can't even get an idea from the video or photos how good this circuit is. Could be the best motocross track I have ever seen and that includes places like Matterley Basin, Unadilla, Patagonia or anywhere else. 

Plenty of water going down and being pumped from the ground here, because it has been stinking hot in Indonesia, although a strong sea breeze and at the moment overcast. 

Lets hope the riders make a bunch of different lines, rather than just follow the quickest line in practice, qualification and the qualification races, up to you boys. What we don't want is a one lined track for this amazing facility, because it deserves a selection of lines and its possible if made before it gets rock hard.

At the moment the circuit is in perfect condition, but the ground in this area will get hard pack in this heat, as Paul Malin mentioned to me. Like me, Malin really likes the circuit and its design.

While the numbers are down for the gate tomorrow and Sunday, and it is a long trip for the paddock people, I can’t imagine anyone has come here and is disappointed with what we have found at the facility for the MXGP of Indonesia.

Many are saying it is the best motocross track they have ever seen and I am one of those who believe that. The elevation will never be seen by the camera or a video and I hope tomorrow that the television coverage can pick up just how good this track is.

The people on the Island are just amazing, friendly and warm people, from small children to old ladies, they are coming to see MXGP on the weekend and enjoy this huge festival which circles the facility.

Enjoy the video from Paul and my very average photos anyway. 30,000 tickets sold and the whole Island is excited for this MXGP round of the 2022 championship.