MXoN - Excuses

Posted on October 11, 2018

Excuses, we all make them, for sure when we are young, but any time we feel we failed, its good to have an excuse. Now, after last weekend, the excuses are coming out the woodwork. Here are some and the reason its total BS.

Redbud was a European track: Motocross tracks around the World are similar. I mean Matterley Basin in the UK, Kegums in Latvia and many other European tracks are similar to US tracks. Lommel, Loket, are European, and some of the circuits build in the fly-aways are not really European or America, although a couple in Thailand, and the second round in Indonesia this year were probably more American than European. Redbud, to me, as a European fan, was American. Sure the slop helped the Euro guys get one over the American riders, and Glenn Coldenhoff mentioned to me in the interview I did with him that Redbud was a bit similar to Kegums, where he had actually won a GP. But come on guys, pouring rain doesn’t make a circuit European, it just makes it difficult.

Team USA Got Terrible Starts: Are the starts not the most important part of racing at this level. Ask Jorge Prado, Glenn Coldenhoff of Jeffrey Herlings, the three class winners about getting starts. Saturday, with a massive advantage in the starting positions both Plessinger and Barcia got killer starts, so was Sunday more about nerves than starts?

Supercross makes it difficult: I am not a racer at any level, but I am sure that 100% of media or fans are not racers at this level, so the only people who can talk about this are the riders themselves. Now, I didn’t hear one AMA rider on the weekend saying Supercross was the reason they lost or didn’t perform to their normal speed. Wasn't the last winning Team USA from 2011 racing supercross? I get that supercross used to be similar to motocross, and preparing for Outdoors is totally different than preparing for supercross, but I would imagine four months of racing Outdoors week after week, would be enough time to get used to it?

AMA Series ends too early: There might be some truth in this, but I am not sure this is a good reason either, because the GP guys finished racing their series on the Sunday, jumped on a plane on the Tuesday or Wednesday and racing on an unfamiliar track, on a different time zone, jetlag, eating at times very ordinary food, and still showed up. Didn’t Eli Tomac complain in 2017 that he was burnt out. Isn’t it possible maybe the GP guys, after a 20 round series were also burnt out. I know for a fact, Antonio Cairoli would have loved to have had a few weeks off before the MXoN, because as he mentioned to me when I interviewed him on Sunday, he felt 60, not 30. I might give this some reason for an excuse, but I bet if the AMA series ended the week before the MXoN and Team USA lost, they would be excuse number four……go figure.

You know what I think, I think finally, the MXGP guys have a mental edge over the AMA guys, just as it was the case in reverse in the 1990s and up until probably 2011. With eight straight wins by Germany, Belgium and France, the speed is with the euros, and their track craft is second to none. It might be a while before we see American dominate again, but you can count on one thing, they, like so many other nations will always be in contention. For the time being USA, be satisfied with that.