MXoN in 2022 or 2023 - USA!!!

Posted on October 17, 2018

Last week Youthstream president Giuseppe Luongo had mentioned in our exclusive interview that due to the success of the MXoN at Redbud two weeks ago, that the event will return to America as early as 2022 or 2023. 

Now Davey Coombs, the boss at MXsports in America gave us his opinion on which circuits might be suitable for the biggest motocross race in the World.

"We mutually decided that Redbud was the place to bring the Motocross of Nations back to the United States. We all worked together to make it as good as possible, just as we will in 2022 or 2023 when we bring it back. We are not in a hurry, we have a lot of work to do and other countries deserve it in the meantime and I plan to be at all those races, helping out or watching as the luckiest motocross fan in the World.

"Redbud is the biggest facility that we have and some other tracks couldn't fit everyone in. There are not a lot of places that can hold an event like that magnitude. I would love to see it back at Redbud one day, a dry Redbud, but we will wait and see. We will talk with Youthstream, with David (Luongo), Daniele (Rizzi) and Giuseppe (Luongo) envision and go from there. That was the fourth des Nations at America and that was the fourth facility, and as much as I love Redbud, I wouldn't mind seeing it moved around to some other deserving promoters. The thing that surprised me how many people brought their bike trailers. I thought it would be cars and campers, but a lot of people came loaded up for the weekend and took up a lot of parking. It wasn't as much as a one-day crowd as I expected, but more of a multiple day crowd, and that was pretty cool."

Our preference was for Washougal, as it looks like a great circuit, but DC quickly squashed our hopes for the chance to visit that circuit.

"It is a beautiful amazing motocross track, but it is limited in the size of event it can host. The tracks that could host the MXoN, Unadilla is possible, I think obviously Budds Creek, but I don’t know if they would be ready in 2022. Mount Morris could do it with the added land we have. Indiana if we didn’t plant corn that year, and of course Glen Helen, if you could get in there and do the upgrades that a lot of people want to see for some time. I know southern California wants it back, but also places like Road Atlanta, Watkins Glen in New York or Sears Point in California. The mud last weekend made me realize why Youthstream want to go to Auto facilities with good infrastructure, but also good hills, like Brescia in Italy in 2009. We have a handful of motocross tracks available and a handful of car tracks that would be good for it."