Paris SX - Jett, Hunter and Webb

Posted on July 21, 2021

We have some great news that the Paris Supercross organizers have signed three of the most exciting riders in the World. This year’s event, set for November 6 and 7 will see AMA supercross champion Cooper Webb, and the Lawrence brothers, Jett and Hunter. 

With all three also keen to do the Monster Energy Motocross of Nations in late September, you have to wonder if these three might also hang around for some GP action after the Nations, which would run them into the Paris event. 

HRC not looking for a replacement for injured Mitch Evans are they not? Of course the Italian GP, set for Trentino is just a week prior to the Paris supercross and the GP of Portugal two weeks prior. This visit to Europe by the Lawrence brothers could turn into an old school job played out 30 years ago when the best American based riders spent months racing in Europe. Or could we see Jett racing in the MX2 class. Dreams are made of this, and we know the Lawrence brothers love new challenges and adventures.


Of course, it was back in 2001, some 20 years ago that another young Australian rider by the name of Chad Reed raced the Paris supercross and locked handlebars with the King of supercross, Jeremy McGrath. It started badly for the Aussie as he pitched Supermac off the track, but did eventually finish on the podium. Will the Lawrence brothers try and repeat Reeds determined efforts against the current King of AMA supercross Cooper Webb?

So, if you want to attend what will be the Paris supercross similar to its grand old days, then you can get your tickets right HERE.

Event organizer Xavier Audouard, a man who has worked tirelessly to make this one of the most exciting events in the World is a little excited that these three riders will appear at this famous event.

"After the sadness of a year without Supercross de Paris – which had never stopped since 1984 – I find it symbolic that the 2021 stage ball opens with the bath of enthusiasm, freshness and youth that these two boys symbolize, “Audouard said. "Jett, everyone understands is a talent that we see once per generation, and again. Hunter is also super talented and let us not forget that he had gone to Europe under the leadership of the French teams CLS then 114, the team of Livia Lancelot, while he was totally unknown, and his younger brother was still a kid. The progress made since then has been impressive. The Lawrences also have a very original and rare "fraternal" rivalry dynamic at this level of competition. I think they're really going to have a major impact on our fans.”


As for having Webb back in Paris, this is a dream come true and we all know the American supercross champions doesn’t come for nothing and everyone in Europe knows that Webb loves visiting this part of the World. Audouard can't wait to see the American champion perform once more in the French capital.

"Cooper has raced twice in the Paris SX. The first time was in 2013, when it was in Bercy and the second, in 2015 at the Lille stadium. He knows the prestige of the event and also knows that in Paris La Défense Arena, he will find a playing field more in line with those of the official championship. And then, at the age of 26, he is in full possession of his means and has great confidence in himself. He wants to come back to Paris and KTM is obviously not going to upset its leader.”

So now, make sure you have a weekend free in early November, because this is going to be one of the best Paris supercross events in recent time.