Podium Comments - Lommel

Posted on August 04, 2019

Check out what the podium riders thought of their weekend. Tim Gajser and Jorge Prado might have won, but a handful of others showed great skills around the toughest motocross track in the World.

Tim Gajser: I mean I was having fun and it is weird saying that in the sand for me. I had two good races and I left Max, because he was faster and then he made a mistake and I got him back, then he passed me again. They told me if I was second, I win the overall. I am so happy with this and I didn’t’ expect this. I expected a top five would be good and to win here is really special. We have worked in the sand in the winter and it really worked out. The track is rough, and it is easy to make a mistake. I will try and make a good start and see if I can stay with these guys, but if I can’t I will settle for the points. It is always mental, coming here in Lommel, we know the race will be tough, so deep and so bumpy and I do my best.

Romain Febvre: I used too much energy for the qualifying race. I wanted a good start gate. I was first in the first corner of the first moto and then Tim passed me, and I passed him again. I was feeling comfortable. It was really tough this weekend. The first race was easier, and the second race I didn’t get the start in like 15th. It’s tough and it’s hot. I struggled at the beginning of the first race a bit and then 10 minutes before the end I lost my rhythm and I was done. So happy to win the first race, its good. I ended fourth and second overall. I couldn’t pass Van Horebeek and Coldenhoff and I lost my rhythm. I am a little bit disappointed. Yesterday we started the day not so good with the set-up of the bike and we changed some things and I was feeling much more comfortable. I still need to get used to the bike and my riding technique. Today I felt better than yesterday, but I didn’t have so much energy at the end.

Glenn Coldenhoff: It is great. Two weeks ago, I didn’t feel good in the sand, but the team helped with a great bike and I give it to those guys. I am happy to be back up here and I will enjoy it. The sand always suits me well, and it is easier than hard pack. Yesterday I felt good. I went into qualification to save energy for todays race and maybe that was wrong, because I couldn’t find my rhythm and I struggled a bit. I pushed this morning and had that good feeling again. I pulled the holeshot and that felt good. I have to thank my boss and the whole team. We have been through difficult time, but we are back. The team has done an amazing job to have me comfortable in the sand. We made some changes and on hard pack I felt good, and we made changes for the sand and that helped me a lot.

Jorge Prado: Normally it is a tough race. You know you have to suffer here. I had a good flow all race. I was enjoying it. I was well prepared, and you need to have the right mentality coming to this GP and I was mentally prepared for this. I am so happy. We are closing in on the championships and looking for the next round. The first race was also good, the track is very rough, and you need to be careful with your energy and have energy for the second one. It was a good the second race, another holeshot and that was my goal. The last lap I had more than 30 seconds lead and I tried to make it bigger, but I lost my hand and fell and lucky I got up quickly. Third GP win at Lommel, so I am happy.”

Calvin Vlaanderen: It feels good to be back, this is the goal to come on the podium. First race I wasn’t happy, put it down and came back.  Didn’t expect to be on the podum and you need to have fun here and I don’t know what happened to Jago (Geerts), his bike stopped. It was nice to battle with Ben (Watson), we are good friends. I was stoked when I saw I was on the podium. I think in Italy I need two good starts and two good races. Maybe hard-pack I can put pressure on him and try and fight at the front.

Ben Watson: I am gutted for my team-mate. I come here not knowing what to expect. I came here to the toughest Grand Prix of the year and got on the podium. I want to thank the team, my girlfriend, my family and everyone who has been a part of this. The last few weeks have been difficult, I called it quits after Indonesia and I thought about where I want to be and what I can improve. I had a lot of time to improve and I got a lot of physical training in and I wanted a good comeback race. I only rode Tuesday for the first time, and we decided to come, and it was a big shock to me and the whole team. Jago deserved the second spot on the podium. My hand is now really good, not 100%, but the problem wasn’t with bone, but with the blisters on my hands.

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