ProX Racing - YZ65

Posted on June 28, 2019

ProX Racing Parts has a growing wide range of product lines for several bikes. All parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards at “state of the art” manufacturing facilities around the world. These manufacturing factories include reputable businesses that manufacture OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) parts for leading motorcycle brands worldwide. 

NEW: ProX Racing Parts latest addition for the YZ65 are the Connecting Rods, they are available now!

One of our core product line, where we became famous with. Our ProX Connecting Rods are made out of the toughest alloys available today and are made in Japan! O.E.M specifications and tolerances are meticulously maintained, a guarantee for easy installation and trouble free performance.

ProX Connecting Rod Features:

  • Manufactured by leading Japanese OEM factories.
  • Designed to exact OEM specifications to be a direct and cost efficient OEM replacement 

Top End gasket and Head & Base gasket

In 2019 ProX Racing Parts will also add the Top End gasket and Head & Base gasket to the YZ65 program.

Top End gasket sets offer any gasket you need for a top end rebuild. From head gasket to valve stem seal, it will be in the set. Simple and easy. One part number for your gasket set!

Head & Base gasket set, just contain 1 head gasket and 1 base gasket. The Head & Base gaskets are made of all premium base materials. Each gasket is precision cut for optimal fit and perfect seal. 

Let’s take a look at the YZ65 program. ProX Racing Parts has an amazing range of replacement parts. 

ProX Racing Parts YZ65 program overview 

  • Pistons 01.2018
  • Connecting rods 03.2018 NEW
  • Front Sprockets 07.FS20018
  • Rear Sprockets Alloy 07.RA20018
  • Clutch plate compleet set 16.CPS20018 Clutch Pack Kit
  • Clutch Friction Plates  16.S20018
  • ProX Steel Plate Set 16.S20019
  • Bearing 23.630014SH / 23.83299SH
  • Brake disk 37.BD22193 / 37.BD12018
  • Crankshaft Bearing & Seal Kit 23.CBS20018
  • Crank Seal set 42.2018
  • Air filter 52.20018 

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