RC on Tomac and Roczen

Posted on May 22, 2020

Ricky Carmichael might not be the king of supercross, that roll goes to Jeremy McGrath, but RC did dethrone the king and was for a handful of years, the man to beat indoors. Known in America as the GOAT, Carmichael knows his stuff when it comes to winning championships and being under pressure. Hell, he has led Team USA to victory at the Monster Energy Motocross of Nations on many occasions and in retirement is still a guy worth listening to. He gave his opinion on how the AMA supercross championship might turn out in the next month.

“Well there is a lot of new elements and it is going to be the guy who can adapt to that best, their program, their team, dieting, their trainer, they will be in elevation and recovery time is different in elevation and it takes long and you can’t go as hard because of it. A lot of moving parts and these guys are not going to be training on their own practice tracks. I mean I can talk about these guys, Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen, why I think they could win. Look at Eli, he lives in elevation, he has been the fastest guy of late, but then it is a short championship it is like a seven rounds championship and Ken Roczen is always strong at the start of the season. It will be who can get their mind back to when we left Daytona, which guy can get that championship mentality and get back to where they were in March.”

RC also expects Adam Cianciarulo to be somebody who might mix it up with Tomac and Roczen and could cause some problems for the two championship challengers, or maybe even help Cooper Webb get back in contact with the two leaders.

“You know Adam wants to get out there where he left off, minus the rookie mistakes. With him being injured he can look at what he did wrong and what he did right and he has been able to watch these guys and see what they do from a distance and I think he will be more polished. He gets great starts, so we expect him to be up front. The other guys need to use Adam, get him between the other guys, so for Cooper Webb, you want to beat Adam and the other guys get third or fourth or whatever. Despite his injury I think he will be more polished.”

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