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Roger Harvey - Paddock Legend

Roger Harvey - Paddock Legend

Jul 5

  • Interview

Roger Harvey, a true motocross legend, maybe not for his on track results (although he was a British 125cc champion and rode for his country at the MXoN, not to mention a Grand Prix podium finisher), but for the period of time he has been involved in the sport, as a racer, a team manager, and currently the HRC advisor in MXGP. We are talking 60 years. Now, for anyone who doesn't know Roger (of which there are not many), he is possibly, the nicest bloke in the paddock. A caring friend to hundreds or even thousands, including myself and somebody who knows more about the sport than most in the GP paddock.

The Torq Moto Podcast Show driven by Talon has another cracker for this week’s episode brought to you by Docbright. Hosts ‘DocWobs' and ‘Jeffro’ Perrett are joined by one of the industry's biggest players, Honda HRC’s senior team adviser, Roger Harvey.

Roger has played an integral part in bringing the glory days back to HRC, but in this first part of a two-episode interview, the trio discuss Roger’s career as a British and World Motocross championship racer and how his journey in the world of motocross began.

As always with ‘Rog’, there are some brilliant stories, industry insight and plenty of laughs. As with many riders of his generation, there are golden stories of hustling to work up the ladder in British and World motocross and classic road trip stories in a time when it was harder but in many ways easier to tour the continent.

In this episode, Roger talks about how he worked his way up to become a British MX 125cc champion and a front runner in the 125cc World Championship and how life was on the road getting to GP’s and continental international meetings, even on his own with no mechanic!

He also looks back fondly on some of his long-standing friendships with the likes of David Thorpe, Bob Wright and Alec Wright, to name but a few. More bizarrely, there’s even a discussion on the significance of the decor of Roger’s toilet!

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