Social Media and Success

Posted on August 13, 2019

Got to say, I was watching an Eddie Hearn video this morning, and interview about his promotional team Matchroom boxing running the next World Heavyweight fight in Saudi Arabia, and how the social media public are rubbishing the move. 

Social media or forums are saying it should be in England, or America, or wherever. So we have this leading promotional team being told they don't know what they are doing, but the people who do know are sitting on social media, and doing what? 

We hear this all the time about YS on social media, about the tracks, the regions they visit, but guys on social media, know best, because they all have a background in promoting major events....right? I always smile when I see that stuff.

I know when a new calendar comes out for MXGP and its got China, Indonesia, Argentina, USA or whever on it, I get excited and I know the riders do too. Some hate the travel, but a lot love it. I can tell you, the crowd at these events also love it, and Argentina, and the second round in Indonesia was packed with excited locals.

I do some stuff on Facebook, mainly to keep in contact with family and friends, but that is it. I don’t do Instagram, snap chat, twitter, or any of that stuff. To me it seems like a big-time waster. Now I know a lot of people are on it 24/7, but sorry, I prefer to do other stuff. Anyway, enough of my rant about social media for now.

Back to Eddie Hearn, for those who don’t know him, he is one of the best promoters in boxing, runs brilliant shows that have brought boxing to a new level in the UK and recently opened offices in America, Italy and other parts of the World. As a big boxing fan, I know my boxing, and have followed it nearly as long as I have followed motocross. Saw the great Ali vs Frazier fights in the 1970's, or anything thereafter.

But what got my attention was how Heard described the social media people and their negative attitudes. If there is something I prefer to keep away from its is being negative. Sure, I get into it sometimes, have a good complain about somebody or something, but I prefer to do most stuff with a positive energy, because first, it feels better and second it is healthier.

Now Youthstream, are without question the best motocross promotional team in motocross. What they have done to MXGP is incredible. Doesn’t matter who you ask now, the sport in Europe has grown in a time when in general, our small little sport has shrunk on national levels. MXGP has grown in America, Asia and of course in Europe. 

MXGP riders are the best in the World now, and there is no denying that. Motocross of Nations doesn’t lie and it never has. When the AMA guys were best, they kicked the GP rider’s ass repeatedly, and now the boots on the other foot, and will probably stay there for another 20 years. No excuses, just fact.

Some people will complain MXGP has ruined the countries national titles, but hey, how about the Masters of Motocross in Holland. It is better than ever, run better, promoted better and growing every year. Why, because somebody like Eddie Hearn, and Giuseppe Luongo had a vision. Arno van den Brink the owner of the biggest motocross website in Europe, had a vision and went through with it, and the Dutch championship is only behind the AMA Nationals for the best national championship in the World.

Arno started with a website, similar to mxlarge, and built a business. What I do know, only motocrossplanet and mxlarge are successful when it comes to being a business and that is because Arno and I have a vision. It wasn’t just to do as a hobby, or for fun, or to make people see how close we could get to being an insider, it was to make something a success.

Vision is what makes everything great, and while those negative people on social media sit at home in their parents basement, or alone at home and angry with the World, maybe if those people got off their asses and tried to make something of their own lives, the World would be a much better place and social media would actually be social, and not anti-social.

Believe me, I am the laziest guy, rather unprofessional, and not that great at too many things, but I grew mxlarge into one of the best motocross websites in the World because I had a vision to make a life for myself. Enough money to put my kids through college, or give them positive energy through nice family holidays, or make my own dreams come true with amazing holidays around the World. I didn’t do that because I was a hard worker, or a perfectionist, I did it because I wanted the life that suited my character. 

Anything is possible for anyone, but you need to start with a vision, and get rid of the negativity in your life. So come on social media, join the rest of the World and start to be nice to people, instead of running people down when they succeed.