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Southwick National - Live

Southwick National - Live

Jun 28

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This weekend the AMA Nationals heads to the sand of Southwick. You can find the full results here, live results here and live stream here.

The first Southwick motocross race was held in 1972 just down the road from our current location. It was an NESC race held to benefit some of the town's charities. Over the years the track has donated thousands of dollars to causes and schools close by.

The Current Location
The track you see today was carved out of the woods behind the American Legion Post 338 by Legion members who were also fathers of NESC racers. Lead by Bernie Yelin, Pat Smith, Ray Peebles, Dante Molta, Clovis Goyette and many more men and women worked long hours to create this world famous track.

The Wick is being returned to it's original direction and some of the iconic jumps and turns are being rebuilt to recreate the layout that thousands of racers have loved over the last 42 years. The Wick is easy to get to and within a couple hours of Boston, Worcester, Hartford and New York, it draws a big crowd at almost all it's events.

Southwick Schedule

8:00am - 8:15am 250 Class Practice Grp B

8:20am - 8:35am 250 Class Practice Grp A

8:50am - 9:05am 450 Class Practice Grp A

9:10am - 9:25am 450 Class Practice Grp B

9:45am - 10:00am 250 Class Practice Grp B

10:10am - 10:25am 250 Class Practice Grp A

10:35am - 10:50am 450 Class Practice Grp A

11:00am - 11:15am 450 Class Practice Grp B

11:45am - 11:55am 250 Consolation Race

12:00pm - 12:10pm 450 Consolation Race

1:15pm - 1:50pm 250 Class Moto #1

2:15pm - 2:50pm 450 Class Moto #1

3:45pm - 4:20pm 250 Class Moto #2

4:45pm - 5:20pm 450 Class Moto #2

Southwick National Winners

450 Class

7/9/22Eli TomacCortez, COYAM

7/10/21Dylan FerrandisFranceYAM

2020 COVID

6/29/19Marvin MusquinLa Reole, FranceKTM

6/30/18Marvin MusquinLa Reole, FranceKTM

7/8/17Eli TomacCortez, COKAW

7/9/16Eli TomacCortez, COKAW

8/29/13Ryan DungeyBelle Plaine, MNKTM

8/11/12Ryan DungeyBelle Plaine, MNKTM

8/27/11Brett MetcalfeAustraliaSUZ

8/28/10Ryan DungeyBelle Plaine, MNSUZ

8/29/09Matt GoerkeLake Helen, FLYAM

8/24/08James StewartHaines City, FL KAW

6/10/07Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL SUZ

6/11/06Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL SUZ

6/12/05Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL SUZ

6/13/04Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL HON

6/8/03Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL HON

6/9/02Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL HON

6/10/01Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL KAW

6/11/00Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL KAW

6/13/99Ezra Lusk Bainbridge, GAHON

6/14/98Doug HenryOxford, CT YAM

6/22/97John DowdChicopee, MA YAM

6/23/96Jeremy McGrathMenifee, CA HON

6/25/95Jeff EmigKansas City, KSYAM

6/26/94Mike LaRoccoSouth Bend, IN KAW

5/2/93Mike KiedrowskiCanyon Country, CA KAW

5/17/92Jeff StantonSherwood, MI HON

8/4/91Jeff StantonSherwood, MI HON

7/22/90Jeff StantonSherwood, MI HON

5/21/89Jeff StantonSherwood, MI HON

5/22/88Jeff WardSan Juan Capistrano, CAKAW

5/17/87Rick JohnsonEl Cajon, CA HON

5/18/86Rick JohnsonEl Cajon, CA HON

5/16/82Donnie HansenCanyon Country, CA HON

5/17/81Kent HowertonSan Antonio, TX SUZ

5/18/80Kent HowertonSan Antonio, TX SUZ

5/20/79Kent HowertonSan Antonio, TX SUZ

5/7/78Bob HannahWhittier, CA YAM

5/1/77Marty SmithSan Diego, CA HON

6/6/76Pierre KarsmakersHolland HON

250 Class

7/9/22Jett LawrenceAustraliaHON

7/10/21Hunter LawrenceAustraliaHON


6/29/19Adam CianciaruloPort Orange, FLKAW

6/30/18Dylan FerrandisFranceYAM

7/8/17Zach OsborneAbingdon, VAHQV

7/9/16Cooper WebbMorehead City, NCYAM

6/29/13Eli TomacCortez, COHON

8/11/12Blake BaggettGrand Terrace, CAKAW

8/27/11Tyla RattraySouth AfricaKAW

8/28/10Tyla RattraySouth AfricaKAW

8/29/09Justin BarciaMonroe, NYHON

8/24/08Ryan VillopotoPoulsbo, WA KAW

6/10/07Ben TownleyNew Zealand KAW

6/11/06Andrew ShortMurrieta, CA HON

6/12/05Grant LangstonSouth Africa KAW

6/13/04James StewartHaines City, FL KAW

6/8/03Craig AndersonAustralia YAM

6/9/02Danny SmithMiddleton, ID SUZ

6/10/01Travis PastranaAnnapolis, MD SUZ

6/11/00Travis PastranaAnnapolis, MD SUZ

6/13/99Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL KAW

6/14/98John DowdChicopee, MA YAM

6/22/97Ricky CarmichaelHavana, FL KAW

6/23/96Steve LamsonPollock Pines, CA HON

6/25/95Steve LamsonPollock Pines, CA HON

6/26/94Doug HenryOxford, CT HON

5/2/93Doug HenryOxford, CT HON

5/17/92Larry WardSociety Hill, SC SUZ

8/4/91Mike Kiedrowski Canyon Country, CAKAW

7/22/90Jean-Michel BayleFrance HON

5/21/89Larry WardSociety Hill, SC HON

5/22/88George HollandKerman, CA HON

5/17/87Micky DymondYorba Linda, CA HON

5/18/86Keith BowenAuburn Hills, CA YAM

5/18/80Broc GloverEl Cajon, CAYAM

5/7/78Broc GloverEl Cajon, CA YAM

500cc Motocross

5/16/82Kent HowertonSan Antonio, TX SUZ

5/17/81Broc GloverEl Cajon, CA YAM

5/20/79Danny LaPorteYucca Valley, CA SUZ

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