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Southwick - Rider Comments

Southwick - Rider Comments

Jun 30

  • Interview

Jett Lawrence: “I’ve been having to rely on my legs more [managing a shoulder injury] and wore them out. Chase was just riding too strong in that one [Moto 2]. I tried to give him a fight, but this was just one of those races that was his. We’ll need to go back and do some work and come back better.”

Chase Sexton: “I felt super good early, then I lost touch a little bit and had to reset to get my flow back. I didn’t expect to catch them that quickly, but I got my flow back and was able to make it happen. I’m glad we came back strong in that second moto to get the win. I’m really happy about that.”

Hunter Lawrence: “I was definitely riding my heart out. I was just going for it. This track is really gnarly and it’s tricky to get the bike set up for it. We gave it our all and that’s all I can ask for. We’ll keep working and come back stronger.”

Haiden Deegan: “I look past those doubts [about riding in the sand]. I’m a motivated person and I’m willing to just put in the work. I was stalled out in third [in Moto 2], but then I saw those two guys [Shimoda and Vialle] and knew I had to dig deep at the end to try and make it happen. Tom went down and that’s what I needed for the [overall] win.”

Tom Vialle: “I had a great moto and was riding really well. I almost hit a lapper and then Jo [Shimoda] caught me. I tried to make a pass back on him, but I crashed and that was it.”

Jo Shimoda: “I crashed in the first moto and had to do a lot of work. I came out ok on the restart [in Moto 2] and just never gave up. Vialle was getting away from me, but I kept pushing. The last three laps were just insane, but I’m really happy to get the moto win.”

Casey Cochran: "First time here again, but it was actually a pretty good day! I struggled to figure out the track, but started coming around and got some pretty good finishes – my best two results that I've had so far. Overall, it was a pretty good weekend, we're going to keep taking baby steps and moving forward, so I'm excited for RedBud next weekend."

Malcolm Stewart: "I actually had a good time here at Southwick. It's been 11 years since I raced this race and the number one coolest thing for me today was the fans. Practice was good, I forgot how fast this track can be early on, and that's important to get a good lap in. First moto was okay, got off to an okay start, and fought my way up to eighth. In the second one, my start was actually better than the first one, but we went down in the first corner and I was able to keep going for 16th. It obviously wasn't the best ride we've had, but we'll take this thing to RedBud and I'm excited for that... I'm going to give it everything I've got!"

Christian Craig: "Southwick was tough, just struggled with the setting on this track in the morning, and then went in the wrong direction for the first moto. In the second moto, we went back to my base settings, got a better start, felt more comfortable, and it was an improvement. Today wasn't great overall, but my second moto finish in P8 was the best of the year so far. That was better, but there was still some inconsistency, so we'll move onto RedBud and try to keep building."

Justin Barcia: "Today was an eventful day, a lot of stuff going on! I qualified P7, which was pretty good, and the motos were decent for where we're at. I was sixth in Moto 1 and then had a first turn crash in the second moto, but made a hard charge to 11th. Unfortunately, I've been dealing with some knee injuries since about the week before Salt Lake City, and I've been pushing through it. One knee has a torn/sprained MCL, and my other knee had bursitis, with a little bit of a tear in the meniscus – not too bad, nothing that requires surgery. Because of the swelling, two of my tendons finally let go at High Point, but the good thing is that technically they will just scar up and be fine. I haven't been riding during the week at all, just been trying to race on the weekends for my fans and the crew, but it's got to the point now that we have a really good bike, my riding is really good, and these knees are holding us back. We want to be better than fifth-to-eighth, so we are going to take some time off. I will still be able to train quite a bit, do PT on the knees, and see what we can do to get better. All in all, they just need some time to heal up, so the goal right now, I would say, is to come back for Unadilla. I won't miss too many races if everything works out, which I believe it will, and then we'll come back swinging!"

Pierce Brown: "In the first moto I struggled, but we made some changes for Moto 2, and I felt a lot better. Unfortunately, I fell on the first lap and had to come back from 40th to 12th, so my riding was there, but obviously it didn't show on paper. We don't get sand like this in California, so it is hard to prep properly for this race – we'll move onto RedBud and keep charging."

Ryder DiFrancesco: "Southwick was okay. It was an improvement from last year, I got a little bit better in the sand, but a mistake on the last lap cost me a couple of spots overall. It was a step in the right direction, we had two solid motos, and I'm ready for RedBud."

Chase Sexton: "This track has never really been my absolute favorite for some reason, but I had to put that behind me after the first moto, because I didn't want to over-ride the track or push past the limit. In the second moto, I finally started to get a good flow going towards the end, picking some different lines, and it all came together for me. I was able to kind of jump around the track and make it more fun – when you're doing that you go faster. That was the whole thing for me today and we're happy to leave here with a moto win this afternoon."

Aaron Plessinger: "Southwick could have gone better, but also could have been worse! I actually qualified fourth and was really good in practice, then I got a good start in the first moto, but stalled the bike coming down a hill and laid it down. I picked it back up, got some dirt in my goggles, and had to stop for new ones, so finished up 12th. Second moto, rebounded and rode a really, really good race for fourth. I almost caught the boys on the podium and I can't ask for much more from that one! The first moto could have dictated the day, but it didn't, and we'll bounce back again for RedBud!"

Tom Vialle: "I had a good first moto and when I got to second it was a big gap to the lead, but it was okay. In the second moto I was leading almost the whole race, before I got stuck a little bit with the lapped riders around three or four laps to go, so Jo [Shimoda] caught me really quick. I tried and really wanted to pass Jo again and fight for the win, but I crashed on the last lap – we were all pushing really hard, so it was a nice race anyway."

Julien Beaumer: "It was a tough first moto. I crashed in the first turn and then made a good comeback, but crashed late in the moto again and lost my goggles. In Moto 2, I made a bad start, then unfortunately got tagged by another rider as I went down, and was run over. I spent some time in the medical unit, but am happy to be healthy, so we will see the neurologist this week and see if we're able to race next weekend."

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