Thomas Covington interview - Back Home

Posted on June 11, 2018

For those who missed this interview we ran Saturday, we once again broke the big news and then got the interview. Here it is below.

When Thomas Covington crossed the finish line to win todays MX2 qualification race he couldn’t hold it in anymore. We had spoken to the American earlier in the year and he mentioned he might go back to America in 2019, but he hadn’t really made up his mind yet, well now he has, and the always smiling, and likeable Husqvarna factory rider is heading home.

Excited to finally be able to race his domestic championship, both in supercross and motocross has always been a dream, and no doubt, with a big family back on the east coast of America, he will enjoy being back with family and friends again.

Our man at the GP, David Bulmer caught up with him and talked about the big news and what it means having raced in the World Motocross Championship.

MXlarge: Thomas Covington, you won the qualification race, and then confirmed to the world that you are moving to America in 2019. Can you give your reason behind it?

Covington: Yes, I have been holding it in for a while now, and I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I just had to let it out. I am really excited to move back to the US, and with the best team over there I believe, with the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna factory team. It was difficult to pass up my last year in MX2, considering I had a decent chance of the title, but I couldn’t pass this opportunity and if I waited another year it would have maybe jeopardize it. It will be nice to be back home, because I have been away for a long time now. Going back to race all the kids I grew up racing.

MXlarge: Is it the case that you will step into Zach Osbornes ride and if you didn’t do it this year, you were not sure if there was something for you?

Covington: If I hadn’t taken it this year, it would have put both teams in Europe and America in a tight spot. It just worked out best to go after this season. I would have liked this season to be better, the first part. I just want to finish this season with some wins, and it might be the last time I race at some of these places. It gives me a lot of motivation and the team here is still 100% behind me and we are working hard to get back on track.

MXlarge: You mentioned you have been holding it in for a while, it must give a nice relief to tell people?

Covington: It wasn’t hard holding it in, but everyone is asking me what I am doing next year and there are rumors going around. Its that time of the year, but it is cool to let everyone know with some cool news. I think the level of the GPs has really stepped it up and it will be nice for the people back home to see me back there. I think supercross will be a challenge, but I think outdoors I will be really strong.

MXlarge: What can you do in order to get up to date on supercross? Does that start on October the 1st I guess?

Covington: Yes, I am 100% focused on the GPs until that last gate drops, and then I will fly back to the states and start riding supercross. It isn’t like I have never ridden supercross, I spent a lot of time on them when I was an amateur. Looking forward to getting back into that and a change will give me more motivation.

MXlarge: What has been the highlight for  you in your Grand Prix career?

Covington: Probably my best moments are the wins, for sure the one in France just before the Nations. A lot of people were doubting me and asking why I was picked for the Nations, and it was nice to go out and win that one. Being in Europe, in France, and hearing the National anthem, that was just an insane feeling. Also, this year the second moto in Arco was one of the best motos of my life, with the Italian fans and stuff.

MXlarge: And what about the way you were treated at the Grand Prix, and would you tell a young American to come over and try it?

Covington: Its been amazing. Most people understand that I was 17 when I moved to Holland, and the GP paddock treated me like family right from the beginning. I was lucky to be around good people, like CLS my first team and also Jacky Martens team. I am really glad I did this, for the racing and the experience. My Facebook or other social media is full of American riders asking how they can get into the Grand Prix. Maybe if I don’t like America I will come back, its hard to leave here.

MXlarge: You came to Europe with no fan base here really. I guess going back to America you will probably have a lot of fans who have followed you over here. Would that be correct?

Covington: I think so, I feel like I have a lot of fans now and I am one of the only guys the American fans can pull for. It will be cool and a lot of the Europeans who have already said they will come and watch me at A1. I just hope I keep in contact with everyone at the GPs.