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Tim Gajser interview - Consistent

Tim Gajser interview - Consistent

Jun 5

  • Interview

You won’t meet a nicer person in the MXGP paddock than five-time World motocross champion, Tim Gajser. The HRC man is in a really good battle for the 2024 MXGP championship and while his chances are as good as anyone’s, the rider in front of him, Jorge Prado has been showing sensational speed and is clearly the favourite for now, but Gajser isn't far off that red plate.

Gajser has a habit of hanging in there, and riding for consistency, making less mistakes than his rivals and then clinching a World title. Sure, he wants to win GPs, but with patience and resolve, he continues to stick right on the back wheel of the Spaniard, waiting for his chance to grab that red plate back and keep it. Experienced and already a legend of the sport, the Slovenian talks with us about the 2024 challenge to Jorge Prado and Jeffrey Herlings.

MXLarge: You are so close to Jorge, nearly there, but not there yet. I mean, you can be proud, but it must also be very frustrating to not win today.

Gajser: Yes, (laughs). Definitely I would like to win, but I am happy. As we know from the past, consistency is the most important thing, being on the podium, winning motos, second and third and that is important.

MXlarge: How would you describe your weekend?

Gajser: It was a solid weekend of racing, winning the qualification race and then going three-two here. I’m a bit disappointed in the first race, getting arm-pump and not being able to push how I wanted but I was still third. And then race two, I was able to ride a lot better and was a lot closer to the lead, but I couldn’t quite get close enough to make the pass. Still, the championship is very close, and I am happy, and healthy and I’m looking forward to Latvia next weekend.

MXlarge: And the Saturday?

Gajser: I was really happy with my riding today and especially how I rode in that qualification race. The conditions weren’t easy with that shower during the moto, but I was able to close the gap quickly to the leader and make a nice pass. I know I have been in this position before, having had a good qualification race, so then the goal was to continue that across both races on the Sunday and if I did that, I was sure I would be near the top of the podium.

MXLarge: Mentally, I think your mental strength is one of your biggest characteristics, you can always pull through, even when it seems it might be hard to do. In these moments, when Jorge is winning GP after GP and you get close, then he gets away, your mental strength must be really important in these moments?

Gajser: Yes, and what gives me the confidence is, we know where we have to work to be better, you know. The only part that is missing is starts, speed is there, because I always start behind and I always come close to him, but then it is not easy to pass, because he is really fast, and the pace is similar. It is similar between me, Jorge, Jeffrey and even Romain. You know, from track-to-track other guys can join us and we know where we have to work and starts are even more important this year. Some holeshots sure would help and we will work on that.

MXLarge: What is it with you and this track in Germany, because outside of one year you came here with a serious injury, you have not been out of a top three moto place, and you have won here four times. What is it about this track that makes your results so consistent?

Gajser: The injury that year was a broken scapula. I don’t know, I really like rough tracks, I like when the ruts get deep, and I like when the track gets technical. You have to use your head, choose the correct lines. I always loved to come here, and it is similar ground to what we have in Slovenian also the elevation is a little up and down.

MXlarge: As far as the bike, are you pretty sorted with that, do you need to do any testing or anything?

Gajser: I mean, we are testing a lot, even during the season. We are not talking about big changes, but little things, like for my riding, the comfort feeling on the bike. With Honda you never stop developing, they are always working on making the riders feel comfortable on the bike.

MXLarge: In 2021 you, Jeffrey and Romain had some really good battles, and the title came down to the last race of the season. Is this similar, or more difficult?

Gajser: I mean, like, 2021 was intense, and we were also in the COVID times, so we had three races in the week. It was a different era, but even this year, with Jorge, we are really, really close and it is difficult to make a points gap, but we know it is early in the season and when we reach half way, the goal is to continue riding well, being consistent, not too many mistakes and be there until the end.

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