USA and Burn-Out

Posted on August 05, 2022

With the news that this new AMA schedule will start in 2023, I got wondering if some AMA riders do well at this years MXoN, and it is clear that the AMA boys are once again on an equal level of the GP guys, if we might see some AMA riders start to think about changing their career path and heading to Europe?

We have heard for many years that doing the Monster Energy Motocross of Nations was a difficult one, because the AMA riders are burnt out. So that couple of extra weeks just makes it too difficult to race the biggest motocross race in the World for the AMA guys. So, for sure, you can forget the elite AMA guys racing the MXoN in 2023 and will this biggest series have an even bigger effect on their chances of burning out quicker?

To hear that US team are excited about it, is probably the most confusing thing I have heard in a long time, but I totally understand the American teams and promoters want their riders staying in USA and if this helps, then good luck to them.

Now I get the MXoN doesn’t produce any prizemoney, but like the Olympics, it has been the most important single race in most rider’s season. Guys like Chase Sexton, Eli Tomac or Justin Cooper dream about doing this race as kids. Sure, a championship either in USA or Europe means more, but we all know the one single race we all want to watch, and it will be at Redbud this year.

Now I totally get AMA those riders under contract have no choice but to race the 2023 AMA season, no matter how many races it is. Guys like Jason Anderson, who love racing in Europe or Australia will just have to bite their lip and keep their teams happy. However, what happens when contracts are up, do the leading AMA riders want to do the much smaller World Supercross championship or the MXGP championship? Totally leave the 31-round season for an easier racing life and a much longer career.

At the moment it is very much just a question, but if the World supercross does take off, and more and more elite riders race it, and that big pot of gold for just eight or so rounds seems to me, to be a pretty good deal, instead of doing 31 in USA. Money talks, but lifestyle is also important.

Now American’s have come to Europe, but it is usually your free-spirit types, your Trampas Parker, Donny Schmit or Mike Brown. Guys who don’t care about the different food or cultures and just want to race and they saw Europe as a cool deal. I don’t really know how many of that type of riders are still around, if any, but if there are, maybe a Justin Barcia, or a Jason Anderson, spending your final years travelling the World and experiencing something totally different, that might be a good direction to head.

For now, though, we have the three big series, the MXGP World championship, the AMA supercross championship and the AMA motocross championship, then these two new series, the Supermotocross World championship and the World supercross championship. In an era where to be honest, there is a shortage of really elite riders both in USA and Europe, having so many series to me sounds confusing and to be honest, I am not sure I like the idea.