Winter Racing - AMA and FIM

Posted on March 26, 2020

I think in tough time you have to be as positive as possible, that has always been something I remember my father telling me as a kid. I have taken those words into my life and during times of divorce, life drama, or even the death of my father and mother, I tried to work a little harder and get through those times better off. On all occasions, that was the case and I always came out the other end with a more positive and motivated attitude.

I think the coronavirus has already taught us a lot, the World looks a lot cleaner, and I think people are realizing what is important in life, and that is health, and family. We have all been brought together in this battle against this horrible period and in most cases, people had stood up.

Of course, nobody wants to see death, and that is without question the terrible thing about this virus, that it has taken people from their families, and created the most destructive period since the World wars, and that is saying something. I haven’t seen anything like it, and I am guessing most people haven’t.

However, like I said, I have to look at the positives, because to me, that is the only way forward. I have to admit, no racing in this beautiful period on Earth, with the good weather coming, it is nice to sit and watch nature or life pass by, watch the earth moving in a better direction. 

Many companies have sent their workers home, and those workers are spending time with family. Family and health are the priority at the moment and while we all have to knuckle down and save our euros or dollars, we have to remember the importance of family and health.

While we all want to go to the races, I am pretty excited to have major AMA and FIM racing in October, November, December and maybe January. Seems the AMA supercross championship might be run around the same time as the final rounds of the FIM Motocross World championship, and I for one look forward to that change. I guess they will race straight into their 2021 season, and it will be tough, but considering they have a dream job, and get paid well, I can’t see them complaining too much.

As we all know, the months of winter in Europe can be long ones, and not only fighting through the cold, but also the lack of great sport to watch. Well, this winter, believe me, there is going to be sports from around the World who have changed their schedules and will be running in those winter months.

So, we will see the MXGP World champion and AMA supercross champion crowned in our winter. We will all have something to talk about in the months that we usually just reload on old videos and race results from places like Paris supercross, Geneva supercross, Monster Energy Cup or the Aus X Open. I can’t see too many of these events running in 2020, which is a pity, but I would rather have weekend after weekend of AMA or FIM major events anyway, so for now, those International events might have to fit into the schedule, or take a year off.

So, for the time being, stay home, work from home, and let’s get this virus out of the way ASAP. For those who are not staying home, don’t be fools, until you do, this virus will hang around and who knows how much more damage will be done to the World economy. Work together, look to the future and be positive. We will all come out of this, fresher, happier and more excited for the future than ever before.