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Hunter Lawrence interview - Podium

Hunter Lawrence interview - Podium

Jun 4

  • Interview

Hunter Lawrence, like his brother Jett is the future and while he didn’t win last weekend and finished another time on the podium, he is in position to really put some points on the board and make a chase for this 2024 AMA 450 Motocross championship. He sat down and talked to the media and this is what he told us.

MXlarge: A strong afternoon for you and it looked like things would go our way in moto one, but what happened today?

Lawrence: I think I was just not being faster than Chase (Sexton) was where it got away from me. It was a tough day. Normally downhills are a bit of a strength for me, but I kind of sucked on them today to be honest. So yeah, it was a tough day. But we’ll go back and keep working, and the beautiful thing about this sport is, we get to line up and do it all again next weekend.

MXlarge: Two races in and you are doing well, did you expect this?

Lawrence: Like I’ve said before, everyone always asks where I expect to be. We all train to win, but unforeseen things can change your path and that. All that I can do is be the best Hunter Lawrence for 30 minutes and if it’s sixth, then it’s sixth, or if it’s first, then it’s first. You just always keep going back to work. Chase went 1-1 today and I’m sure he’ll go back to work again this week. Not really any expectations.

MXlarge: When you see your brother Jett go down hard in front of you, or just business as usual?

Lawrence: I had like five seconds to get all the vocabulary out of my system. It obviously sucks. That’s my blood out there and seeing him go down like that and then lay on the ground when you look back, it’s shitty man. That’s my little brother, I’m a big brother first and you know, it sucks. It just sucks, dude.

MXLarge: What did you think of the track, it didn’t look that tough, or not as tough as usual?

Lawrence: I am not surprised you didn’t think it was tough, because you are in the media tent, but I thought it was tough. It was different, but I think it was still gnarly. Just a different gnarly. A few years ago, everyone was complaining because it felt like all the tracks were prepped the same, whether it was Thunder Valley, all of them. We all ran a scoop tyre, and it felt the same. So, I think it’s not bad to have a little bit different conditions. Look at the MXGP’s in Europe, there’s no two tracks that are the same.

MXlarge: The downhill section with the doubles…

Lawrence: The new track layout was pretty cool I thought, it kind of gave me Thunder Valley vibes a little bit. But yeah, those downhill doubles, they were pretty wild, you had to commit to them pretty good. You go downhill pretty fast on a 450, like a little bit faster than a 250. It gets pretty scary sometimes.

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