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Jeremy Seewer Interview - Struggles

Jeremy Seewer Interview - Struggles

Jul 10

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The 2024 season hasn’t really been a good one for Kawasaki factory rider Jeremy Seewer, who is often a multiple podium finisher and at times, Grand Prix winner, but the move from Yamaha to Kawasaki has been a difficult transition, as the bikes are very different and finding a good setting that suits his style really hasn’t been smooth sailing.

Currently ranked fifth in the World, which isn’t a terrible place to be settled, however, Seewer knows that there is more in the tank, and he can regain his former top three finishing place in MXGP. Since joining the 450 class, Seewer has finished 8-2-2-4-2-3, so his current position of fifth just doesn’t cut it for the likeable rider from Switzerland.

He has scored top three moto finishes in Trentino, Maggiora and Lombok, and has not lost too much ground to fourth place man in the series points, Calvin Vlaanderen, but he does know he needs to get himself back on the podium if he wants to climb the ranking list.

We caught up with Seewer after the second Lombok round, where he looked much more comfortable with his bike, and not surprisingly, that is what he told us.

MXLarge: You looked a lot more comfortable this week, compared to last week. What was the change?

Seewer: Yes, I felt much better and to be honest, I had a completely different bike, who knows why. It was way better this weekend, so we are trying to figure out what was the issue last week, because something wasn’t right.

MXlarge: How did you feel on the Saturday?

Seewer: We had good pace today and even though we were fifth we were just seven seconds from the winner; the only person to pass me was Prado and he won the GP here last week. The track had a better flow in this direction and the jumps were nicer so I hope they can keep it maintained well and we can try for the podium tomorrow. Of course, we have to be careful with the food here, but it was a relaxed week with a little surfing and a trip to a small island as well as running and gym every day.

MXLarge: Can you explain your weekend for us?

Seewer: I'm quite disappointed with the final result; my pace was OK, but many things happened. The track was better in this direction, but it was difficult to make passes as everyone at the front had a similar pace. I got blocked straight out of the gate in race two and the first lap was quite aggressive, but I came to fourth until the second lap when my rear wheel slid out on a slippery patch, then I suddenly got grip again and ran off the track. I didn't crash but I lost some positions. I was faster and, if I could have passed Jorge and then Valentin, I could have been fourth.

MXlarge: The way your season usually goes, is you often end up a top three guy at the end of the year. Is that possible in 2024?

Seewer: Well, right now I am not there, but let’s see. I need to keep working and we need to keep improving. I know the issues and it has always been the same thing, so it’s a little frustrating, being such a good rider and I can’t bring it on paper, not like I want to, but that is sport, and some years are like this. I am not done, and I still have fire in me to be back on the top.

MXlarge: The battle you had with Jorge, you looked more comfortable, and it was a good, close fight with him, but were you still struggling somewhat?

Seewer: Yes, some little things are still off and if you miss that raw speed a little bit, you just can’t make it happen. You lose confidence and you are not to how it is. I felt a lot better, but not great yet, even though I could battle with Jorge, but I think he was also not on his best day today.

MXlarge: I am not expert, but watching as a fan, it looks like you are struggling in the corners, like you are squaring the corners off, rather than railing the corners. Like you are losing momentum and then have to rebuild the moment. Is that the case?

Seewer: Yes, you saw that good, the big struggle is going into corners. I just don’t manage to turn the bike as I want and that is where I struggle since the beginning of the season. It is a lot better, but we still have work to do.

MXlarge: I know you love your travel and experiences, but how has it been here in Indonesia?

Seewer: Honestly, I am always open to this kind of thing. I am not one of these guys who says, oh shit, we go to Indonesia, it won’t be nice. I prefer to come here being positive, but I do have to say, if I could choose where I go on holiday, I don’t need to come here. I don’t want to be negative, and I still try and have fun. I went surfing a bit, went to Gilli Island and I tried to be happy. It is tricky as a professional athlete to eat properly here and not get sick. You need to maintain the standards, and as I get older, I feel different about things, but that is normal. I enjoyed it and now its time to go home.

MXlarge: Will Loket be somewhere where you might have less trouble with the handling of your bike, being that it is hard pack? I mean, Lombok was also hard pack, but there was some dirt on the top and Loket is just blue groove hard.

Seewer: Loket is a track I have done really good at in the past. I won, two GPs there I think, always on the podium there, so let’s see if I can do okay there. I am not going to put any pressure on myself. I can’t go into a weekend at the moment saying I am going to win, that is not where I am at and that is just how it is. If I can’t make it happen there, then there is definitely something wrong. We keep trying you know.

MXLarge: Is it a one-year deal with Kawasaki, just for 2024?

Seewer: Yes, a one-year deal and what should I say, I am happy it is this way, and we can renegotiate for next year.

MXlarge: As far as not being able to win on a bike you don’t feel comfortable with, can you still be happy in life in this situation, because you have won GPs, you have battled with the likes of Gajser, Prado and Herlings and you are not even close to that at the moment, are you? Do you see a light at the end of the tunnel?

Seewer: Well, if I say no, I am going to be depressed and going home unhappy.

MXlarge: You do have long tunnels in Switzerland.

Seewer: 12 GPs in and eight to go. I have been working hard to try and improve, but there are always two parts, which need to be involved in this. I can only do as much and I can only comment so much, but from the other side, there has to be something too, you know. I don’t want to put anyone in a negative spot, and I guess they are trying hard, but it seems like for now, it just isn’t enough. I am not going to give up, for sure not. It is hard to find motivation and really work until the last percent, if it just isn’t there.

MXlarge: Are able to be happy in this situation, with your results and how you feel on the bike?

Seewer: Well, I mean, results make you happy, so I am not happy at the moment. Money doesn’t make that happy, so I the end, the answer is no. If you are not fighting for win, and fighting with the top guys, then the answer is no, I am not happy.

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