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Nagl On Top In Germany

Nagl On Top In Germany

May 26

  • Race Report

Max Nagl continues his winning streak in the ADAC MX Masters at the start in Vellahn. Maxime Grau wins his first race in the ADAC MX Youngster Cup. Maximilian Ernecker dominates again in the ADAC MX Junior Cup 125.

The MC Vellahn passed its ADAC MX Masters premiere with flying colors on Saturday: a good and demanding race track offered the drivers and spectators great racing conditions. In the ADAC MX Masters class, championship leader Max Nagl (D/KMP-Honda-Racing powered by Krettek) won the first race ahead of Cornelius Töndel (NOR/Schmicker Racing) and Jordi Tixier (F/KMP-Honda-Racing powered by Krettek ).

Maxime Grau (F/WZ-Racing KTM) beat Nico Greutmann (CH/Cat Moto Bauerschmidt Husqvarna) and Dave Kooiker (NL/Schmicker Racing) in the ADAC MX Youngster Cup. In the ADAC MX Junior Cup 125, Maximilian Ernecker (A/F4E Gasgas Junior Racing) remains unbeaten this season after winning the race ahead of Mick Kennedy (NL/Grip Messer Racing Team) and Dex Kooiker (NL/De Baets Yamaha).

ADAC MX Masters: Max Nagl with start-to-finish victory
Anyone who thought that a new route in the ADAC MX Masters calendar would reshuffle the cards was wrong. Max Nagl already set a record in training as the LS2 Best Qualifier and overtook the rest of the field after the Red Bull Holeshot.

There was a little more movement behind and Tixier initially fell from second place behind Henry Jacobi (D/KTM Sarholz Racing Team) and Töndel to fourth position ahead of Maximilian Spies (D/Kosak Racing Team). Töndel passed Jacobi into second place on the sixth lap, and one lap later Tixier and Spies also passed the Sarholz driver. The order didn't change until the finish, Nagl won ahead of Töndel, Tixier, Spies and Jacobi.

“The race was difficult because the track was very demanding and the lines from the training sessions no longer worked in the afternoon. It took me the first ten minutes to find new tracks, which then fit well. I’m happy, it was a good race,” said Nagl in the winner’s interview.

ADAC MX Youngster Cup: Maxime Grau takes his first race win
In the first race of the ADAC MX Youngster Cup, Maxime Grau took the lead from Red Bull Holeshot winner Kooiker on the second lap after the latter briefly stalled his engine. Grau controlled his lead for the rest of the race and safely clinched his first race win of the season. On the third lap, Greutmann pushed Valentin Kees (D/Kosak Racing Team), who crashed one lap later, out of third position and closed the gap to Kooiker.

When crossing the finish line, Greutmann took over second place from Kooiker and started chasing Grau, who he was unable to threaten until the finish. Jaroslav Katrinak (SK/MRA Racing Team) and Constantin Piller (D/Yamaha Meyer Racing) pushed championship leader Bradley Mesters (NL/Kosak Racing Team), who was riding cautiously due to an injury, out of the top five in the sixth lap. Piller crashed with three laps to go, causing Linus Persson (S/Bloody Harry Energy/RGS MX Team) to slip into fifth place. Grau celebrated the race victory ahead of Greutmann, Kooiker, Katrinak and Persson.

“I took my good flow from last weekend with me to Vellahn and had a lot of fun on the track. I was able to play well with the many bumps and felt very comfortable,” said Grau happily at the finish.

ADAC MX Junior Cup 125: Can Maximilian Ernecker be beaten?
Only Maximilian Ernecker's successful streak currently looks better than Max Nagl's record. The Austrian won the Red Bull Holeshot and clearly separated himself from the rest of the field in the first lap. He quickly expanded his lead and controlled it confidently until the finish. Kennedy and Kooiker were already in the first chasing positions after the start and remained close to each other without their positions changing during the course of the race. Finn Lange (D/KTM GST Berlin Racing/ADAC Hansa MX Junior Team) and Mario Adomaitis (LT/KMP-Honda-Racing powered by Krettek) were in the top five in the first half of the race, before Aron Katona (HU/HTS KTM ) and Freddie Bartlett (S/Motovation Motorsport) took over their positions. Katona crashed on the last lap, which meant that Jonathan Frank (D/Becker Racing) took fifth position behind Ernecker, Kennedy, Kooiker and Bartlett.

“After the holeshot I was able to get a lead straight away and then drive at my own rhythm. I really like the route and I’m looking forward to tomorrow,” beamed Ernecker about his continued winning streak.

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