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Paris SX - Big Field

Paris SX - Big Field

May 15

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The reigning King of Paris and brand new 2024 US SX champion, Jett Lawrence, will be in Paris on November 16 and 17 to defend his crown (and his reputation as the new world cross prodigy)! He will of course be accompanied by his brother Hunter, double US champion last year and runner-up to Jett in Paris. The factory Hondas will obviously be there. A party not to be missed!

Jett Lawrence's statistics are simply sensational. Already in 2023, having barely arrived in the premier category after his multi-titles acquired in 25O, he is having a fantastic perfect outdoor season (22 victorious rounds out of 22!)... A short detour to Paris to win his first crown at the end of 2023 and here he is, starting in SX 450 2024, barely destabilized by a few muddy SX, who finishes champion, with eight victories, twice as many as his immediate follower (Cooper Webb, who has also already announced his presence in Paris!). Only Jeremy McGrath (holder of all records in SX) and Ryan Dungey had managed before him to establish themselves as “rookies” in the most difficult discipline to master: Supercross! But “Jettson” is already in the lead in terms of the ratio of victories compared to the number of SX races run, so if someone is out to beat the records – deemed unbeatable – for the Mac, it’s good him…

If the “big brother” Hunter (also a rookie) has had a less successful year in 2024 so far - notably due to an injury which has weakened him for a long time - he gained momentum at the end of the season, finishing twice on the podium, notably in Denver, at the penultimate event, in the wheel of his winning brother, a performance which leaves no doubt about Hunter's true potential in SX 450!

The Lawrences, trained in the hard but incomparable GP school, lived in France at that time and even remained somewhat French-speaking, in any case capable of doing a bit of interview in the language of Voltaire which, clearly , no American is capable of doing! Between their incomparable talent as stylists - capable of satisfying the most demanding purists - and their incredibly simple and endearing personality, the Lawrence brothers have everything to put the public in their pocket and become the new Parisian darlings.

To come and admire them - and see them compete against a fine selection of other big names from the American championship - only one thing to do, get your ticket(s) for the weekend of November 16 and 17 at the Paris La Défense Arena ! Don’t forget last year’s sold out, you’ve been warned…

For a top athlete, everyone knows that it is important to be able, at least once in a while, to play at home. For almost two seasons now, Tom Vialle has been lining up, weekend after weekend, on the tracks of the USA Supercross championship, in American stadiums, he has had time to get used to this change of scenery but nothing beats the pleasure of “coming home”!

On November 16 and 17, that’s exactly what he will do, for the 41st edition of “our” Supercross, at the Paris La Défense Aréna. Last year, the double MX2 World champion had already made his first outing in Paris, a month after his triumph at the MX des Nations in Ernée. But the pleasure of finding an audience committed to his cause could not obscure the fact that the KTM official was not yet completely on his plate when it came to Supercross and that he had therefore not nothing could be done to thwart the domination of Jo Shimoda. This year, it is clear that the double winner of SX West Coast (at the prestigious Daytona SX, then in Birmingham) no longer has anything to do with the Tom of 2023. Apart from the catastrophic opening of the championship where he found on the ground and very delayed from the first start, remember that the “frenchie” never left the podium again (including when the East and West coasts opposed each other, in Nashville) and that he presented himself before the final of Salt Lake City with a rather comfortable lead of 15 points over the new American darling, Haiden Deegan! So, clearly, Tom Vialle returns to French soil with the legitimate objective of becoming the Prince of Paris. Those who don't want to miss this (nor the big French SX party) should seriously hurry to reserve their place... Welcome back and see you in Paris, Tom!

Cooper Webb will be there. First big and excellent news from the 2024 grid for the Paris Supercross... The double US SX champion and co-holder of the red plate at four events in the final of the exciting current championship, we have of course named Cooper Webb, confirms to us his coming to Paris on November 16 and 17 at Paris-La Défense Aréna!

Cooper Webb is definitely the pitbull of SX US, he never gives up! Already last year he was in the battle for the title with a few events remaining, before an ordinary fall turned into a head injury. Visibly much more comfortable this year aboard his official Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing, with already four victories in his bag (he is the only one, with Jett Lawrence, to have won more than one race in 2024), week - weekend after weekend and against all odds, Webb gained the upper hand over the other opponents of the Australian prodigy's supremacy: Sexton, Ken Roczen or even (and above all!) his teammate Eli Tomac. This news is all the more exciting as it precedes the -imminent- return to Paris of a certain duo of brothers who dominated the 2024 edition... In other words, the best protagonists of the American season will also be those of the Paris Supercross! If you want to position yourself in the best places for this new clash of titans in Paris, there is no time to lose!

Find out more here: Supercross de Paris

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